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Jozlyn Larsen

I live in Manti Utah, and have stayed here for 10 years! I know a lot of people, and even more people know me! Some of them say that I’m just a LITTLE too crazy and others say that I’m the best person that they will meet, it really depends on the person that you ask! I like to play around with others, and see how far they will go! ( My Aunt has already thought that I’m a sociopath, but that's not true!

I love to do arts and crafts, and I really love to draw! I would say that I’m a great dancer and that I’m really good at lifting people up when they are sad. I can think outside of the box really well, and that's why people always come to me for an idea that might work! I’m a really fun person to be around and I would even say that I have an imagination like no other!

Jozlyn Larsen, Journalist

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Jozlyn Larsen