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A group of friends delivers singing telegrams on Valentine's Day.

Singing Telegrams! 

Mackenzi Wilkerson, Journalist February 27, 2020

On March 3, 2020, a group of amazing people from the small town of Montrose, Colorado, will be departing on a journey. This is a journey that will not only help many of the people of Ecuador we will be...

Winners from The Burger Gazette’s First-Ever Photography Contest, 2019

The Burger Gazette Staff is proud to present the winners of The Burger Gazette's First-Ever Photography Contest.
The Burger Gazette Staff December 1, 2019

Over the last week, students from the Journalism class and Williamsburg's own Photography class met together to pick one winner and one runner-up from each of the six categories of this contest. We...

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is a novel dealing with the themes of Justice,  Human Rights, and the meaning of life.

Les Miserables: Is It Worth It?

Liliana Owen, Journalist November 25, 2019
Imagine a man, a holy priest, who has done nothing but good in his life. One day a criminal comes along and asks to stay the night. Being the good man that he was, he said yes. But when morning came, the man was gone, taking with him the priest’s most prized possessions: a silver tableware set, his last worldly treasure. The criminal was caught by the police and dragged back, where the priest was asked to confirm the man’s claim that it had been a gift. What does the priest do? Does he tell the truth and send the man to prison for life, or tell a lie and let the criminal go free, giving him a second chance at life?
The Burger Gazette’s First-Ever Photography Contest

The Burger Gazette’s First-Ever Photography Contest

Announcing! The Burger Gazette’s First-Ever Photography Contest!
The Burger Gazette Staff November 1, 2019

-- UPDATE: Contest CLOSED. Winners and Entries will be posted here on December 1st, 2019. Thank you to all who participated! -- UPDATE: Photography Contest Winners announced HERE! -- The...

Lost Past, Lost Future

Lost Past, Lost Future

Liliana Owen, Journalist October 22, 2019
The full moon lights the walkway to my home as I quietly but quickly make my way to the front door. All the lights are off, which is normal enough in my house at midnight, but something doesn’t quite feel right. Or maybe it’s just the full moon in the sky? I’m a rather superstitious person. I open the door, and step inside. The moonlight does not seep through the thick curtains, and in the pitch blackness, I see nothing. I flip the switch and pull off my shoes, giving my tired feet a break. Then I notice the person standing in the doorway between the living room and the dining room. I jump and frown. How did he get there? Who let him in?
Cannon In Spain: The Burger Gazette Interviews Ethan Cannon On His Trip To Spain

Cannon In Spain: The Burger Gazette Interviews Ethan Cannon On His Trip To Spain

Liliana Owen, Journalist October 22, 2019
TBG: What was your favorite place city to visit? Ethan Cannon: They were all amazing, but my favorite was probably Antequera, since we got to go to El Torcal and see the amazing rock formations there. Gibraltar was a close second because we got to see (and even hold!) the macaques monkeys that live there.
Tanner Hoyal

Tanner Hoyal

Zoe King, Journalist April 18, 2019

I first met Tanner in 7th grade Leadership. Full of energy and ideas, he was ready to conquer any challenge that came his way.  And I mean any. Seriously, on the very first day of class, our mentor, Ms....

Burger Beginnings to a Globe Trotting Nanny

Burger Beginnings to a Globe Trotting Nanny

Sophie S., Journalist April 8, 2019

She sat on the plane her backpack containing all she required the next week. Organizing her stuff to assure she would meet the train and then the boat to get to her destination. This, necessary for her...

Photo courtesy of Kenny Mears

Up-And-Coming Author: Kenny Mears

Daniel Hancock, Journalist March 25, 2019

Kenneth Mears is a sophomore at LAU with a penchant for writing stories that influence people for good. He wrote the first draft for a book when he was just 11-years-old. He has been with Williamsburg...

Photo courtesy of Shamma

A Postcard from Egypt

Shamma Al Breiki, Journalist March 11, 2019

After returning from our trip to Jordan last spring, our family was committed to discovering more of the Arab World. As Arabs ourselves, it seemed only right to explore the beautiful places from our culture....

Dancing to the Stars: A Peek into the Accomplishments of Alayna Zenger

Dancing to the Stars: A Peek into the Accomplishments of Alayna Zenger

Samuel Hargrove, Journalist April 19, 2018

There’s something magical about young people making it big. Consider the Tom Savages of the childhood TV stars, any awesome young musician, or even a young new Phenom like Red Gerard winning Olympic...

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