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How Covid-19 is Affecting WA and LAU Students

Approximately two weeks ago, high school students were attending their normal classes, planning their end of the year trips and tours, going to tryouts and practices for sports and competitions, hanging...

Announcements? What about announcements? Something changed? Check it out!

Burger News: Changes to Student Announcements

Liliana Owen, Journalist March 9, 2020

If you go into your homeroom course, then to Student Announcements, you'll see something new. Instead of just the normal list of dates and events and messages from the Student Body Presidency, you will...

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Helpful Study Habits

Mackenzi Wilkerson, Journalist March 9, 2020

I’ve been in school for about eleven years now! I can remember my first day of high school and getting my homework and realizing that school was going to look different. One big change I had to learn...

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Inspiration Hour with Mr Gilbert and the SBP

How to Stay Motivated Through Midterms, Spring Fever, and Sagging Spirits
Liliana Owen, Journalist February 27, 2020
This time of the year is a hard time to stay motivated. It’s the middle of the school year, another semester of homework and midterms and finals ahead. It’s cold and not very sunny (depending on where you live), and sicknesses are going around (depending on where you live).
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Dyslexia, It’s a Gift

Ciara Abbott, Journalist January 29, 2020

Orlando Bloom was born during an age when dyslexia was seen as a learning disability. He had a hard time in school. He learned what they told him to learn, but it didn’t stick. He tried...

Primary Immunodeficiency is the absent function of the immune system.

Primary Immunodeficiency: The Concealed Condition

Esther Kalisz, Journalist January 15, 2020

Not all diseases are easily seen. Sometimes the happiest people are the ones who have been through the most and need the most help, either mentally or physically. People living with a hidden disease, such...

Is Private Chat good or bad? Join in the discussion!

Private Chat, The Good and The Bad

A discussion on the Pro's and Con's of Private Chat
Liliana Owen, Journalist January 15, 2020

A question was sent out to about twenty-five random Burgers: "Is private chat good? Is it bad? Why or why not?" Their answers—with a wide variety of well thought out opinions—proved private chat...

'What's New' for the students at Williamsburg Academy? Check it out!

Getting the Inside Scoop on the New Cam Requirement

A discussion on the effects the new cam requirement will have on the students attending Williamsburg Academy
Stephanie Campbell, Editor in Chief January 6, 2020

Exclusive information on WHY the School Leadership made this requirement and HOW it will be enforced --- January 6th, 2020, the beginning of a new school semester for Williamsburg students but also...

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