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You don't have to be alone in this! God is with you, helping you along. Just turn to him and find peace!

Where Is God In All This? Finding Peace In Tumultuous Times

Liliana Owen, Journalist May 11, 2020
CoViD19 is scary. Admit it... it's terrifying. And maybe in the midst of all the fear and business and negativity, maybe you're wondering why God would let this happen to his beloved children. Or if he even cares. Or maybe if he is even still there.
Words are powerful. They alone are enough to make someone feel important. What do your words do?


A Lamentation of Stereotypes
Liliana Owen, Journalist May 11, 2020
You call me names Think it’s as right as rain Just cause it’s what has always been done
How can you use your talents to further a cause you believe in?

Evangelism Through Film

Esther Kalisz, Journalist May 6, 2020

Film immerses the senses in ways that nothing else quite can. If done right, the visuals, paired with auditory and storytelling techniques can tug a human’s heartstrings greatly. These techniques...

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In Memory of Thomas S. Monson

Allen Hoggen, Journalist March 20, 2018

Thomas Spencer Monson died at age 90 when he passed away on January 2, 2018. He was known for many things, including being the president of the LDS church. He was a kind man and a loving father. Thomas...

Just Look Around

Just Look Around

Regan Abbott, Journalist November 20, 2017

  Many Sunday mornings my grandma and her siblings would wake up to the smell of fresh bread. They’d come out of their rooms and ask their mom, “Can we have some bread?” “No,” she’d...

Grace or Hoax?

Grace or Hoax?

Philip Wall , Journalist December 2, 2016

How does man follow the will of God, if the will of man is perverse? You cannot do this without having divine grace, or the power to follow the will of God. How then do you get grace? Why is grace given...

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