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Abandoned. In chains. Everything can change. Nothing is the same.

In a Second, Everything Can Change

Ciara Abbott, Journalist April 6, 2020

My father, the chief, told me how important this day was. The day of New Born Earth. I rolled off my mat. Stretching, I walked across the hut to wake Ath-mun, my beautiful sister. I loved her...

Have you ever wished to be something more than you are?

Something Different

A Short -But Extremely True- Autobiography
Houseplant, Guest Writer March 25, 2020
I look up at the first star in the sky, and wish with all my might for life to be different. I can barely see the sky from my vantage point, but the star twinkles in the dusk. Like it's promising me something great, but at the same time, telling me not to get my hopes up too much.
Winter mornings are beautiful -and cold! However, there is still work that needs to be done. At least, when you're living on a farm.

Morning On The Farm

Liliana Owen, Journalist March 25, 2020
Outside is cold, my bed is warm. Outside is work and more work, but inside is filled with cozy luxury. Still, I have to get up.
Christmas is for spending time with your family. But what if your family has been torn apart by war?

Christmas of 1944

Linda, Guest Writer March 25, 2020
Tomorrow was Christmas, the Christmas of 1944. It was going to be a very hard Christmas, in my mind at least, for Father was gone fighting the war and Mother would have to go work in the gun factory, even though it was a holiday.      The tree was standing in our living room of course, I had helped put it there myself. There was only a present per person, wrapped up in newspaper, underneath it, but that didn’t really bother me. The whole reason Christmas felt so messed up was because of Father.
A blizzard engulfed a small cabin, drumming against it with a violence that could do unspeakable things...

A Storm and a Fear

A. M. Gilbert, Journalist February 27, 2020

Buffets of wind pummeled against the wooden paneling of the aged and timeworn timber cabin. Nothing could be observed through the whirlwind of snow rapidly rushing to and fro in the silky blackness of...

The llama, the Williamsburg

Virtual Powers

The Day My Dreams Were Fulfilled
Liliana Owen, Journalist January 22, 2020
Then I got on my computer and went to my virtual math class, five minutes early (like always). Math class started a few minutes late (like always), and I survived the minute of silence (like always, thank goodness).

Ruina Eius Terrae

Stephanie Campbell, Editor-In-Chief October 22, 2019

The earth is gone, they say... there is nothing left. The scientists said this would happen. We kept things the same, we refused to change. In history class, we learn about animals and glaciers. We wear...



Esther Opal, Journalist October 22, 2019

“Dianne.” His voice sent a sharp prick up my spine, but somehow it felt right. “Father.” Hearing his voice lit my heart on fire, like the revival of a flame that had been smoldering for...

The Unicorn Tapestry

The Unicorn Tapestry

Clara Nemo, Guest Writer October 22, 2019

“Oh my goodness Jade!” said Tooki. “You are a genius! This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!” I blushed in pride and embarrassment. I looked at my creation and I did...

Lost Past, Lost Future

Lost Past, Lost Future

Liliana Owen, Journalist October 22, 2019
The full moon lights the walkway to my home as I quietly but quickly make my way to the front door. All the lights are off, which is normal enough in my house at midnight, but something doesn’t quite feel right. Or maybe it’s just the full moon in the sky? I’m a rather superstitious person. I open the door, and step inside. The moonlight does not seep through the thick curtains, and in the pitch blackness, I see nothing. I flip the switch and pull off my shoes, giving my tired feet a break. Then I notice the person standing in the doorway between the living room and the dining room. I jump and frown. How did he get there? Who let him in?
The Light Of The Stars

The Light Of The Stars

Echo Moon, Guest Writer October 22, 2019

“Why do you fear the stars?” my best friend asked with an interested smile. We sat on my favorite hill looking at the night sky. It was a little cold. I looked her in the face and asked, “Why...



Elouise Angel, Guest Writer October 1, 2019

I get this warm and fuzzy feeling when he looks at me. It's almost like he can read my mind and his eyes are responding to that constant question in the back of my head. Anytime he says my name my...

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