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Abandoned. In chains. Everything can change. Nothing is the same.

In a Second, Everything Can Change

Ciara Abbott, Journalist April 6, 2020

My father, the chief, told me how important this day was. The day of New Born Earth. I rolled off my mat. Stretching, I walked across the hut to wake Ath-mun, my beautiful sister. I loved her...

Winter mornings are beautiful -and cold! However, there is still work that needs to be done. At least, when you're living on a farm.

Morning On The Farm

Liliana Owen, Journalist March 25, 2020
Outside is cold, my bed is warm. Outside is work and more work, but inside is filled with cozy luxury. Still, I have to get up.
A blizzard engulfed a small cabin, drumming against it with a violence that could do unspeakable things...

A Storm and a Fear

A. M. Gilbert, Journalist February 27, 2020

Buffets of wind pummeled against the wooden paneling of the aged and timeworn timber cabin. Nothing could be observed through the whirlwind of snow rapidly rushing to and fro in the silky blackness of...

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