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Words are powerful. They alone are enough to make someone feel important. What do your words do?


A Lamentation of Stereotypes
Liliana Owen, Journalist May 11, 2020
You call me names Think it’s as right as rain Just cause it’s what has always been done
Totally, completely, and utterly bored? Then this is the poem for you!

CoViD19 Quarantine: A Brief Poem

Liliana Owen, Journalist May 6, 2020
CoViD19 / Quarantine / Boring life / Family strife
A cub has the potential to become a powerful lion. Likewise, we students have the potential to become powerful leaders.

On The Golden Plains of Africa

The Journey to Discovering That You Are Enough
Liliana Owen, Journalist March 23, 2020

on the golden plains of Africa there was a certain she-cub who day after day as she grew she watched her lioness mother join in the hunt take down food awe-inspiring graceful and powerful majestic   on...

Do you feel different after your birthday passes? Or does everything stay the same?


Liliana Owen, Journalist March 23, 2020

I used to think That thirteen was a magical number That when I turned thirteen, All my worries would melt away, That my life would be a fairy tale.   Well, I turned thirteen, Over a year...

I’m Not Fine

Ciara Abbott December 5, 2019


Liliana Owen, Journalist December 2, 2019

My Dear Lotion

My Dear Lotion

An Whimsical Poem about the Awesomeness of Lotion
Liliana Owen, Journalist November 25, 2019
oh my dear lotion – that lotion in a pink bottle – your moisture my hands do coddle


Liliana Owen, Journalist September 23, 2019

alone buried underneath a wave of depression I take what may be my last breath: I try not to fear my only transgression is not having asked for help when I was here. trust me do not walk the...

Fake Friends

Fake Friends

Alexa George, Guest Writer September 9, 2019
I’m tired of all these fake friends, Lying behind my back will it ever end, Seems like this world is always at contend, Wandering through actions in a pretend.

A Light in the Dark

Jayden Longhurst, Journalist January 14, 2019

John arrived home late one night and it was dark: not the normal dark of day, but the pitch blackness of night that only bright lights disperse. Upon opening the front door, he was...



Alexa Montes, Guest Writer April 19, 2018

Someone says something This “something” changes you You are changed forever Never to be the same It can be one word It can be a thousand words It may be whispered It may be shouted This word...



S.E. Davis, Guest Writer April 10, 2018

Together forever? No, only a week. So whenever you think of our time together Remember that with Chaperon you are never alone. It doesn’t take much to do the math Being together brought a lot of...

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