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Inspiration Hour with Mr Gilbert and the SBP

How to Stay Motivated Through Midterms, Spring Fever, and Sagging Spirits
Liliana Owen, Journalist February 27, 2020
This time of the year is a hard time to stay motivated. It’s the middle of the school year, another semester of homework and midterms and finals ahead. It’s cold and not very sunny (depending on where you live), and sicknesses are going around (depending on where you live).
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Inspiration Hour With Mr Ure: The Phases of a Williamsburg Semester

Liliana Owen, Journalist September 23, 2019

On Friday, September 13th, Mr. James Ure joined us for Inspiration Hour to share with us “The Phases of a Williamsburg semester.” To start, he showed us a picture of himself when he graduated. You...

Quitting his job to travel the world- story of a Williamsburg mentor

Quitting his job to travel the world- story of a Williamsburg mentor

Shamma Al Breiki, Journalist April 18, 2019

Hello everyone! I recently got the opportunity to interview Mr. Gilbert, a mentor here at Williamsburg. Mr. Gilbert has been my leadership mentor for the past two semesters, and during this time he often...

TBG Interviews Mr. Makin

Mary-Morgan Hargrove, Journalist January 14, 2019

Hello Burgers! Have you ever wondered what it is like being a Mentor?? I mean, how did they find out about Wiliamsburg? What is the difference between a Mentor and a Teacher? I asked the same questions!...

TBG Interviews Mr. Ure

Victoria Gruen, Journalist November 29, 2018

The Burger Gazette journalist, Victoria Gruen, recently sat down for a conversation with Mr. Ure regarding the separation from LANV and what it means for our students going forward: The Burger Gazette...

Memes of the Week!

Memes of the Week!

March 6, 2018

Each week more burger made burger memes will rock The Burger Gazette! Jameson Blad Ammon Felt Madeline Wayman  

The Other Side of Kirk

Amy Tindall, Social Media Team Leader February 1, 2018

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