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What masks do you have on? What steps can you take to get them off?

Revolution Part 2: Masks

Liliana Owen, Journalist May 11, 2020

In an earlier article (Revolution, Part 1: My Epiphany), I challenged you, the students of Williamsburg, to engage in a revolution. I said, So right now, I want to challenge all WA and LAU students...

How much do you pack into your day? Too much?

The 200% Day

Kay O'Very, Guest Writer May 11, 2020
And I don't know about you, but me, personally? Yeah, my days are, like, 200% full. Slightly insane. And not a recipe for happiness and relaxation and rejuvenation.
Ahhh, the beach. The sun. The sand. The sunburns. Ouch!

A Sunny Day On The Beach

Ciara Abbott, Journalist May 6, 2020

The sun feels like it wants to cook me alive and it seems happy about it. All bright and shining. I run and jump into the ocean. The water feels refreshing and then not so much. I now have...

Who will you vote for? What will be the results?

2020 Student Body Presidency Elections

It’s that time of the year! Get your voting pants on, make your way over to homeroom, and vote for who you want representing you during the 2020-2021 school year! As you decide on who to vote for...

Have any thoughts about this global pandemic? Share in the comments below!

How Covid-19 is Affecting WA and LAU Students

Approximately two weeks ago, high school students were attending their normal classes, planning their end of the year trips and tours, going to tryouts and practices for sports and competitions, hanging...

Do you ever just lay in bed and have the greatest ideas?

Revolution, Part One: My Epiphany

Liliana Owen, Journalist February 6, 2020

I had the most ridiculous epiphany when I was about seven. I remember the moment as if it was crystallized in time. As if it was yesterday. I was laying in my bed —I had the top in a...

Do you struggle with dyslexia? Share in the comments below!

Dyslexia, It’s a Gift

Ciara Abbott, Journalist January 29, 2020

Orlando Bloom was born during an age when dyslexia was seen as a learning disability. He had a hard time in school. He learned what they told him to learn, but it didn’t stick. He tried...

Is Private Chat good or bad? Join in the discussion!

Private Chat, The Good and The Bad

A discussion on the Pro's and Con's of Private Chat
Liliana Owen, Journalist January 15, 2020

A question was sent out to about twenty-five random Burgers: "Is private chat good? Is it bad? Why or why not?" Their answers—with a wide variety of well thought out opinions—proved private chat...

Is the new cam requirement affecting student participation? Check it out!

The New Cam Requirement and Student Participation

A discussion on the effects the new cam requirement will have on the students attending Williamsburg Academy
Stephanie Campbell, Editor in Chief January 13, 2020

How participation in classes is affected by the new cam requirement --- It was 8:03 am on Monday, January 13th, she had logged into her Gov and Econ class and now was staring at her screen as the mentor...

'What's New' for the students at Williamsburg Academy? Check it out!

Getting the Inside Scoop on the New Cam Requirement

A discussion on the effects the new cam requirement will have on the students attending Williamsburg Academy
Stephanie Campbell, Editor in Chief January 6, 2020

Exclusive information on WHY the School Leadership made this requirement and HOW it will be enforced --- January 6th, 2020, the beginning of a new school semester for Williamsburg students but also...

Energy Profiling: The Personality System That Revolutionized My Family

How to Love, Understand, and Accept Yourself and Others. Also, Fun Quiz Included.
Liliana Owen, Journalist October 22, 2019
About four years ago, my family was kind of a mess. We weren’t very nice and understanding of each other, and we were being pushed to do stuff that was not very accepting of ourselves. Quite frankly, I did not love myself very much and did not accept my personality. I was constantly being pushed to be that social butterfly, the one that is friends with everyone. At that time, I had almost no friends. Social events were torture. I felt so left out, so alone, so unwanted by my peers. Then it all changed when my mom discovered and introduced my five siblings and me to Energy Profiling, a personality system created by Carol Tuttle.
Gun Control: The REAL Problem

Gun Control: The REAL Problem

Treysen Anderson, Guest Writer October 8, 2019
Alright. I’ll humor you. Let’s say it is the fault of the guns that these people are being murdered. From mass school shootings to gang brawls to hate deaths, in all of these cases the guns can and should be blamed for the bloodshed. After all, 14,000 people were killed in gun related incidents last year. Let us restrict, establish gun-free zones against, and even ban guns. And, following this same principle, all road fatalities brought to pass by texting and driving can and should be blamed on the phone. 40,000 people were killed by car wrecks, and roughly half of those were caused by phones, leading to a grand total of 20,000 deaths due to phones. However, in these cases, the phone is merely ignored and we continue on, warning and encouraging our communities to use their phones wisely, when we all know that phones should be restricted and we should establish phone-free zones to protect our citizens.
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