2020 Student Body President – A Final Message


Evan Reichard

The final thoughts from our 2019-2020 Student Body President.

Evan Reichard, Student Body President

Williamsburg is a unique school. While there are other online schools out there, I don’t think there’s another one quite like Williamsburg. Attending Williamsburg can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. I know that’s a big statement, but it’s actually true. However, if you don’t put in the effort and make the most out of your time here, it’ll just be an online school with online homework you have to do.

If you wanna make the most out of your Williamsburg experience, explore Williamsburg to the fullest. Did you know about the ambassador groups? Are you part of the student body leadership team? Do you plan to run for president? If the answer to any of those with yes, great! However, I suggest all of the above and more. You only have one chance at high school, and I think you should take all the opportunities possible. This means, run for student body president, apply to be on the student body leadership team (formerly called being an ambassador), and explore all the programs and events put together by the Williamsburg students and executive team. There’s a lot out there for you to experience in Williamsburg and taking advantage of it will improve your high school experience by a lot.

Secondly, making the most out of Williamsburg involves making friends as well. This is something I didn’t do super well with my first few years of high school. Many people think online friends can’t be as good as in-person friends. This is simply not true. While you lack the physical aspect of friendship, there are so many things that you can do together online. I made some of my all-time best friends through Williamsburg and can’t thank this school enough for that. However, because these are online friends, it takes some effort to connect with them. Don’t be afraid to be the one that reaches out to someone else to start a friendship. You have to go the extra mile and ask them for their number or hangouts or whatever they use in order to talk to them. I know it’s scary, but it really will pay off.

The third thing you can do to make the most of your Williamsburg experience is taking opportunities outside of Williamsburg. This is an online school and is therefore far more versatile than most schools. If you have the opportunity to go on a trip to another state, for example, take it! You can do your school on the road. All you need to do is take your computer along. This is something most other schools can’t compete with and allows the students of Williamsburg to go out in the world and experience tons of new things while keeping up with their homework. Yes, it’s hard to stay on track with school while you’re busy traveling or something, but it’s worth it to get a little ahead beforehand or even fall a little behind in order to experience something you’ll never forget.

Lastly, do your best in school. Not only does this impact your future, it impacts the present as well. Doing well in school will make a positive impact on your life. You won’t have the stress of failing a class weighing down on you all the time. Getting a little ahead goes a long way. If you can manage to stay ahead, school will be far easier.

All of these messages are things that I learned the hard way while going through Williamsburg. In retrospect, I wish I had become an ambassador for my first few years of high school. That would’ve been an amazing experience, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have regretted the extra work. However, what I did do was run for student body president. Not everyone is going to win that position, obviously. However, I would honestly have been happy even if I had not won. Just running for president was a true growing experience. Another thing that I wish I had done sooner was to make good friends at this school. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I really connected with people and started to build a group of friends that supported me and truly valued talking to me. I’m still friends with these people today, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Williamsburg for allowing these relationships in my life. I just wish I had decided to put in the effort to make friends earlier in my high school career. I also regret not taking more opportunities outside of Williamsburg. Again, for my first two years of high school, I didn’t do this really at all. I crawled into my shell and was too scared to take on too much work. It wasn’t until junior year that I decided I wanted to take every opportunity that presented itself. Did I fall behind? No. I managed to do the same amount of school in a shorter amount of time.

Guys, your time is now. Take on opportunities, make great friends, and do your best in school! Go through high school with no regrets and have an amazing time doing it.

I learned so much from going to Williamsburg. Being president taught me so much about leadership as well. I’m graduating in a few weeks, but I plan to stay in contact with all my old friends at Williamsburg—and I’ll never forget the experience I had at this school. Hopefully, you’ll see me as a trail guide at elevation next year…you never know 🙂 This is kind of my goodbye message to the school, so stay awesome, and I’ll see you guys around!