Evangelism Through Film


Free-Photos from Pixabay

How can you use your talents to further a cause you believe in?

Esther Kalisz, Journalist

Film immerses the senses in ways that nothing else quite can. If done right, the visuals, paired with auditory and storytelling techniques can tug a human’s heartstrings greatly.

These techniques have been used for many years; in fact, during World War II, leaders used film for both threats and encouragement.

All types of films from documentaries to thrillers are not only entertaining but can be influential as well. Although a movie can make us forget about the real world for the duration, they often leave us thinking long after the credits have rolled.

Films are used to increase awareness on topics the directors are passionate about.

And when films have this impact on so many individuals, they end up having an impact on societies as a whole, giving people new ideas or new perspectives. Why not use this incredible tool to help further God’s kingdom and bring more people to Christ? And if not that, at least let them know why our main goal is that which we choose?

I am looking into filmmaking studies when I attend college this coming fall. This has been my dream job for as long as I can remember. Ever since being a young child, I would write, direct, film, and edit short films with my two younger siblings, spending weeks on all of the minor details and finishing touches to make them just how we wanted. I found it fascinating how you can take a few simple elements which, when manipulated correctly, can create a whole new world within one’s mind.

When I say that I want to work in film, this does not mean I want to be a top-level mainstream Hollywood director. It means I want to be the person behind the miracle of a film that can soften the hardest hearts with the correct stimulation of the senses.

As I grew older, I discovered a new passion of mine: Jesus. Without my Lord and Savior, none of this would have been possible.
In the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25, the Bible says we must use our passions and abilities for God since he is the one that gave them to us.
I discovered that I could merge my two passions together while serving one common purpose: bringing other people to God.

There are many ways this can be done; which is why Film is my passion. There is no one “right” way to create a film, just as there is no “right” way to evangelize. Everyone is affected differently by different things, and they all take time.

This is why I want to study filmmaking at a Christian school. Not only will I get a Christ-centered education; it will help me keep my focus on why I am doing this in the first place.

My number one goal in life is to do God’s will and make it to heaven.  My secondary goal? To bring as many people with me as I can.