Phemonoe On Spring Blues

Having troubles with spring blues? Let Phemonoe help you!


Having troubles with spring blues? Let Phemonoe help you!

Phemonoe, Official Advice Giver

Dear Burgers,

We are all stuck at home, spring is here with all her alluring ways, and school continues. Have you, like myself, been tempted to drop everything (especially school) and run outside?

I know that this temptation is hard to resist, but don’t ignore it completely (after all, vitamin D can help build up your respiratory system, which CoViD19 targets). Have you considered a compromise with Mother Nature?

What if, you did your worst school subjects before ten while it is still chilly outside, and then take your school supplies and work outside?

I do this a lot in the spring and it does make a difference in my focus. I’m doing school, and I’m outside instead of inside staring out the window longing to be out and being utterly unable to keep my mind on school work.

And as finals near, the importance of staying on track in school is more important than ever.

If that method doesn’t work for you, may I suggest a second possible way to compromise?

Basically, you would do school inside for 35 minutes, and then go play outside for 10. The trick is to use a timer so you don’t lose track of time. Even if you are in the flow of things, when the timer beeps, you quit what you’re doing and switch tracks.

Even if these don’t completely cure your spring blues, I hope these tips help you in staying focused and happy as finals draw near!