The Subconscious Mind: A Vignette


Pixabay from Pexels

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool. Is it possible to take full advantage of it?

Kay O'Very, Guest Writer

Some have compared me to a fertile piece of ground; others to a servant; still others to a Genie.

In truth, I am a lot like all of them. Despite being the most powerful thing on the human planet, I am undervalued, little known, and forgotten.

It is of the ultimate irony that the things which are the most precious and irreplaceable and those things least valued; and the things most replaceable and most disposable are the things most valued.

Tell me your command, and I will obey. Plant a desire in me, and I will nurture it until it becomes reality. Wish something of me, and I will preform, whether or not you have taken the time to decide if that is what you really want me to do.

I do not care what you command, what you plant, what you wish. I will do it for you no matter what.

The only thing that bothers me (even though that be only slightly), is that I am rarely used at my full capacity. I could do so much more for you! Build worlds, create wealth, give joy. But I am used only for menial tasks.

Yes, I am all of them. It is my duty and my joy to serve, but I am not given glorious tasks to do.

It is up to you – yes, to you – to wield me in ways that will create beauty and wealth, inspire others, and lift you to great heights. If you just command me, I can help you to do anything. A clear vision, a heart-felt ideal, a true belief in the possibility is all I ask; with that alone, I can do marvelous wonders.