2020 Student Body Presidency Elections


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Who will you vote for? What will be the results?

It’s that time of the year! Get your voting pants on, make your way over to homeroom, and vote for who you want representing you during the 2020-2021 school year!

As you decide on who to vote for the Student Body Presidency of Williamsburg Learning schools, keep in mind there have been a few changes to the voting policy this year.

Voting Policy 2020 Changes

Things are going to be a little different this year during election week. Below are the three big changes to the election and how it will work this year.

1) Students who are eligible to vote are only those who are enrolled to attend either Williamsburg Academy or Leadership Academy of Utah for NEXT YEAR (students who are in grades 8-11). This leaves out the seniors who are NOT allowed to vote this year. 

Voting is one way to have a say in Williamsburg and what happens here, so you better vote if you are eligible ;). 

2) Candidates get elected to positions SEPARATELY. Instead of electing a team, you elect a president, and then a vice president, and then a secretary. All separately despite campaign teams. That means more voting, but let’s be thankful that Williamsburg isn’t a dictatorship 🙂

3) This year, Williamsburg leadership is using the Instant Run-Off Method to tally up the votes. To demonstrate what that will look like, in the poll you will be given the list of presidential candidates and then you will rank them in the order of whom you would to be president 1st for your top pick, 2nd for your next pick, and so on. Basically, the person with the least amount of votes gets kicked off until there are only two candidates left and then the one with the highest number of votes wins. *cheerleader kick* 

For more info on what the Instant Run-off Method really means, go check out THIS Wikipedia Page or THIS Cool Site that pretty much sums it all up.

How & Where to Vote

Votes can be submitted throughout THIS WEEK (April 20-24) through an assignment in homeroom. There will be only one round of voting, using the Instant Run-Off Voting Method and then the results of the election with be posted. Pretty simple right?

After you check out the candidates, decide who you want representing YOU next year, swing over to your homeboi homeroom assignments, and VOTE! All the information on that can be found HERE.

If you still need to decide who you are going to vote for, continue reading. Below we talk about the Candidate Round Table, which recently took place during Inspiration hour last Friday, and we list all the candidates, a quick little bio about who they are, and a link to their campaign page.

Review of The Candidate Round Table on April 17th

After a brief introduction and a speech by each candidate, there was a Q&A. And let me tell you, there are some pretty great plans for WA/LAU and all the candidates are incredible!

Some people are running solo, others in teams. Below is a quick rundown of who’s who and which teams they are running with or if they are running solo:

-Joshua Rosengren is running for SBP with Sabrina Allen as SBVP and Heidi Johnson as Secretary.

-Hunter Uresk is running for SBP with Tanner Hoyal as SBVP and Dallin Christensen as Secretary.

-Kenneth Mears is running for SBP with Leah Johns as SBVP and Trevor Dyches as Secretary.

-Ben Reichard is running for SBP with BreAnne Winters as SBVP.

-Amanda Hansen is running for SBP with Nora Foster as SBVP.

-Aisha Bechir is running solo for SBP.

-Victoria Gruen is running solo for SBP.

-Libbie Allen is running solo for Secretary.

Links to each of their campaign pages can be found further down in this article.  Each campaign page is filled with videos, bios, and more to help you get to know the candidates and their platform. All the campaign pages are also accessible in homeroom, found HERE. We highly recommend you go check them out!

If you missed watching this special Inspiration Hour live, you can find the recording link HERE in homeroom as well. It is definitely worth watching.

One final word, do your research! Find out who stands for what, if what they want resonates with you, then vote for them!

Now the moment you have all been waiting for… presenting the Student Body Presidency Candidates for 2020-2021 elections!

2020-2021 Student Body Presidency Candidates

Click on the candidate’s name to be led to their campaign page.

For President:

Aisha Mahomoud Adam Bechir

My full name is Aisha Mahamoud Adam Bechir. That’s right, I have 2 middle names. I’m a 5’3 and a half, 16 y/o girl. I joined Williamsburg about a year ago and I’ll be a junior next year. Alright, enough with the formalities! In my 10 and a half years of schooling, I’ve been to 7 schools in 4 countries! Moving was a big theme in my life so it’s only natural I have an unquenchable curiosity and a love for learning. I’m the middle child with 8 siblings, so I have a strong sense of compromise and tolerance!


Victoria Nicole Gruen

Hello! I’m Victoria. You may recognize me from class, Huzzah parties, or hosting various activities, like this year’s Mentor Olympics. I’ve been a Burger for 4 years! I’m super excited to be running for Student Body President. Something I would like to accomplish next year would be enhancing the culture of belonging by breaking the boundaries of the internet. Check out my page in Homeroom to find out what that means!



Amanda Michelle Hansen

Amanda Hansen is an oncoming senior at Williamsburg/LAU. She joined this school her freshman year of high school and has loved it since! What made her fall for this school was the culture of belonging the students strive to maintain. Since attending WA/LAU, Amanda has served in 6 class presidencies and is currently an LAU Ambassador. She is extremely passionate about dance, music, being outdoors, going on adventures, and making connections with others. Amanda is beyond excited to run for Student Body President and having the opportunity to get to know all the burgers better!

Kenneth James Mears

My name is Kenneth, but you can all call me Kenny. I have faithfully served our school as a student ambassador for the last 3 years, and have served in a minimum of one class presidency every semester. I am a published author, run a podcast, play guitar, and do monochrome watercolor paintings. I love to serve in the community and I have some big ideas for our school! I also love the outdoors and adventuring with people, and I adore getting to teach other people and speak in public. Now you can say you



Ben Reichard

Hello! My name is Ben, and I’m a 16-year-old sophomore here at Williamsburg. I live in a small town in northern Virginia called Lovettsville. I’ve been attending Williamsburg since 8th grade, and I’ve absolutely loved it from the start. There are so many amazing aspects to this school that make it truly special–especially the leadership classes (they’ve always been my favorite). My main interest is music: whether it’s writing music or performing it, music has always been my passion. I’m so incredibly stoked to be running for Student Body President, and I can’t wait to get to know each of you more!

Joshua Kent Rosengren

I’m a junior at Williamsburg with a deep love of science, especially astronomy and astrophysics. But even more than that, I love my family, my friends, and my church. My favorite class by far is Social Leadership. I’ve served in the class presidency of both Personal and Social Leadership, which gave me powerful opportunities to learn lessons about leadership, responsibility, and meaning. I love to learn, and I view this privilege as an opportunity to teach what I’ve learned and learn more in the process. My goal is to impact the school in a meaningful way and bring everyone together.

Hunter Uresk

(check campaign page for bio and photo!)

For Vice President:

Sabrina Allen

Sabrina is a sophomore at Williamsburg from Northern Utah. She absolutely loves the school and would love to be involved with the Student Body Presidency. Sabrina loves piano and has been playing for 10 years. She has won 1st place in many state-wide competitions and even won Honorable Mention nationally! Because of her work in piano, Sabrina really knows how to work hard. She also loves theater and has been belting Broadway for as long as she can remember. Sabrina’s positive attitude and high energy is one that can really make the Williamsburg environment exactly what each individual student needs.

Nora Foster

(No Picture)

Nora Foster is an adventurous, determined, and spirited oncoming Senior at Williamsburg Academy/LAU. Since discovering Williamsburg her Sophmore year, she has been passionate about everything to do with Williamsburg. She currently serves as an Ambassador for LAU and has been in several leadership positions. She has been in 5 class presidencies in Williamsburg serves as the team captain of the Cross-Country and Soccer team, and has served as the President of her classes in Church as well. She is a running fanatic, outdoors-loving, hard-working, connection junky kind of girl. Nora is stoked to have the opportunity to run for Student Body Vice President and can’t wait for this fun experience to connect with the Burger Nation.

Leah Sabra Johns

My roots sink deep in Idaho territory where I have come to love so many things. If you happen to navigate your way to Idaho’s famous store, Costco, you may find a tall girl with her Idaho baseball hat on backward, carrying an oversized guitar (otherwise known as a cello) on her back (… you can’t leave your ‘baby’ in a hot car), wearing her Universal Model t-shirt, and pushing an oversized cart as she goes shopping with her mom who has eight kids, yes we eat a lot of food. In between my Costco trips, you will find me learning, always learning.

Heidi Belen Johnson

Heidi is a Sophomore and has been a Williamsburg student for 3 years. She has fulfilled several leadership roles in Williamsburg, and in her church, and is currently serving in both as well. Heidi loves music and has participated in a professional level choir since the age of 5, recording several albums with them. She has sung with her choir at several well-respected concert halls, including the Salt Lake  Tabernacle and Carnegie Hall. Heidi loves every second she gets to attend WA and hopes she can help others have a positive experience here too.

BreAnna Winters

Hello everyone! My name is BreAnna, and I live in a small town in Utah called Loa. I’m 16 and have been attending Williamsburg/LAU for two years now. I’ve been an ambassador for LAU ever since then, and I’m loving it! I’ve been able to meet some really amazing people, and I would absolutely love for other students to experience this as well—creating meaningful connections with others from the school. Some of my hobbies include music, sketching, rollerblading, and being outdoors. I’m so excited to be running for Student Body Vice President, and I can’t wait to meet all of you amazing burgers!

Tanner Hoyal

(check campaign page for bio and photo!)

For Secretarial Appointments:

Libbie Allen

My name is Elizabeth Allen, but most of you probably know me better as Libbie. I am almost 16, the oldest of 7 children and I love being a part of Williamsburg. I also love music and I play both the piano and the violin. In my free time, I can be found in the pool or with a book. One day I hope to place at state in diving and play my violin in an orchestra. Right now, I am slowly working towards those dreams. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Trevor Timothy Dyches

Trevor here. I am 17 years old and a junior. I’ve been here in Williamsburg for all three years of High School. I live in Hyde Park Utah, up at the top of Utah. I love reading, biking, playing board games, history, speaking, hiking, and serving. I also love learning all sorts of things, whether that’s useless fun facts, mind-blowing science, how the past affects us today, or human nature through stories and literature!




Dallin Christensen

(check campaign page for bio and photo!)