Anymore: A Review Of Madilyn Paige’s Latest Album


Liliana Owen, April 8 2020

My favorite musical artist is Madilyn Paige! Here is a review of her latest album.

Liliana Owen, Journalist

She has a very unique style which is quite refreshing to listen too, something which is beautifully showcased in the seven songs of Anymore.

I’m going to go through the songs in her album and discuss them and rate them, then give the overall album a rating as well.

#1: Perfect

When I first heard this song it was the most amazing thing ever! So liberating! In this song, Madilyn Paige discusses our obsession with perfect, saying that we don’t need to be perfect to have great worth. A very timely and relevant song with a very important message for every teen, especially girls.

I give this song 5/5 stars.

#2: Anymore

‘Anymore’ talks about how we are more than what we were, that our past doesn’t define us as long as we’re working to be more. Sung with guest artist David Archuleta, this inspiring song has great music and lyrics.

I give this song 4/5 stars.

#3: Scribbles

This song is definitely one of my least favorite in the album, but it has a very catchy tune. Maybe one of the problems is that I don’t really get what she’s saying? I think its a love song but I’m not entirely sure…

I give this song 3/5 stars.

#4: One Day At A Time

This is a very timely song, especially considering CoViD19 and it’s associated challenges. It says that we can’t do everything at once, the only way to get through trials is ‘one day at a time,’ just doing your best. Catchy tune, inspiring lyrics, great message!

I give this song 5/5 stars.

#5: We Are The Riptide

This song is a call to action for young girls around the world to stand up and shine in an unstoppable riptide. Very catchy, well written, just all-around amazing!

I give this song 5/5 stars.

#6: Anonymous

This beautiful and engaging song shares the power and importance of the unnamed heroes of everyday life. Little acts of kindness everywhere, done without thought for gain or gratitude, is what makes these unnamed heroes which are celebrated in this incredible song.

I give this song 5/5 stars.

#7: Shine

This song is another call to action, to let one’s light shine. We each have a different light, and we can only shine when we are being ourselves and empowering others to do the same. Beautifully written and sung!

I give this song 5/5 stars.


The overall rating I give this album is 4.5/5 stars. And really, Madilyn Paige’s album Anymore is just incredible! I definitely recommend it; it’s SO worth the $11 I spent on Amazon for it.