In a Second, Everything Can Change


Amine M'Siouri from Pexels

Abandoned. In chains. Everything can change. Nothing is the same.

Ciara Abbott, Journalist

My father, the chief, told me how important this day was. The day of New Born Earth. I rolled off my mat. Stretching, I walked across the hut to wake Ath-mun, my beautiful sister. I loved her dearly, even with her twisted leg. Some people saw it as a curse and thought she was to blame for their problems. 

Slowly I picked her up and whispered in her ear. She groggily opened her eyes and smiled. Her smiles lit up my world. I gave her a little squeeze and walked outside with her in my arms. I set her on the rock in front of the hut where she could watch the world around her and be part of it, instead of being stuck watching the world from the cold hut hidden from everyone. 

It was a warm day. The birds were making the most beautiful music. I smiled at Ath-mun and said that I would come for her when it was time. I started to help the tribesmen with the preparations. The sun had set by the time we had finished the preparations for the ceremony. I found Ath-mun limping towards the platform where my father sat. I scooped her up and gently set her by my father, then sat next to them. 

The drums started. Other tribesmen started to play instruments of all shapes and sizes. It started as a whisper which grew louder the closer they got to the Clearing. Then they started to dance. It was custom to leave our weapons out of the clearing, for tonight there was a truce. I looked at my father and he nodded. I got down and joined the dance. I moved and jumped to the rhythm. I ran over to Ath-mun and swept her into my arms. She smiled and started to laugh. it was a beautiful sound. Like rain in the desert.

Before the dance had ended, slavers had attacked. One of the slavers miss-fired and killed the chief. The tribespeople fought but it was a losing battle. Their weapons too far to reach. It only took minutes to capture all the strong among the tribes. The slaver chained the strong up and left the weak to fend for themselves.

There was one boy in the chained line who had not given up. He stood with chains on his wrists and ankles. His head was held high and fire was in his eyes.

Based on the book Amos Fortune.