Burger News: Changes to Student Announcements


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Announcements? What about announcements? Something changed? Check it out!

Liliana Owen, Journalist

If you go into your homeroom course, then to Student Announcements, you’ll see something new.

Instead of just the normal list of dates and events and messages from the Student Body Presidency, you will now see announcement slides and a video of those announcements, courtesy of the Student Body Presidency.

This leads us to another change: announcement slides will no longer show up in class! They will just be in homeroom. But why this change?

More Time For Class

Announcements have been taking up valuable class time. This change means that the class can have time for an unhurried student share and minute of silence, in addition to the actual lecture or discussion that the mentor has planned.


So how are you going to learn about announcements from now on? First, go to your homeroom course. 

On the homepage, you should see a link “Student Announcements.” Just click on that and be transported to the place by the magic of computers and the internet and all things that allow Williamsburg Learning to be a thing! JK.

The slides are inserted there, for both high schoolers and (if I understand correctly) middle schoolers. The video will be there as well.

Will This New Change Actually Work?

Theoretically, it will. In practice, who knows? You see, it really depends on whether or not we Burgers actually get over there to check out the announcements, or are we too lazy?!?! I guess we will find out.