Helpful Study Habits


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Mackenzi Wilkerson, Journalist

I’ve been in school for about eleven years now! I can remember my first day of high school and getting my homework and realizing that school was going to look different. One big change I had to learn to make was I really had to study. And I had to study hard. But the thing was I didn’t know how to study for a real purpose.

With midterms coming up this is the perfect time to start studying! But what is the best way to get that information into your brain for those tests? I’ve learned over the years when trying to figure out what a good way to study, I realized that my attention span is actually quite smaller than I thought. I learned that my highest rate of study time+understanding was within the first twenty to thirty minutes of actually sitting down and reading through the study material. The rest of the information after that was scrambled and fuzzy.

So the conclusion I came to was why waste all of that time reading through materials I am not going to remember. I was gonna sit down and study for thirty minutes and then be done. The only problem with that is that you can only fit so much within a thirty-minute time span. So I had to pick out several times during the week so that I could get through all of my material.

Using this method I was able to not just remember all of the content of my courses clearly but I could reproduce that information and be able to score higher on a test. And on the plus side! Finding time to study was easy! I could find thirty minutes between classes or right after school. I wouldn’t have to stress about sitting down for hours at a time trying to cram information into my brain.

Every time I look back and remember how long I would sit there pushing through information I didn’t understand and stressing, thinking I didn’t have enough time to finish close to enough of the stuff to have a good test score. I think I am so glad that I was able to find a way that I could really grasp the understanding of something totally stress-free! I am so thankful that I know how easy it can be to simply put a few minutes away every day and just think about whatever it is that you need to accomplish and then get it done! I recommend this kind of study to anyone who wants to relieve stress in their school environment, and in their life altogether.

There is only good that will come from using what attention you’re given and then taking a break. Really use your brain to its full capacity and then when it’s run out of attention, let it rest!

Studying like this relieved stress, improved understanding, made me more confident and comfortable during tests and raised my scores on the materials I studied like this. I really hope that whoever you are and whatever your pursuing, this will help you on your journey and give you more time to spend on the things you really love.