Ten Ways To Look Nice

Ladies, Let’s Look Put Together Even When We Stay Home All Day


EVG photos from Pexels

What is your style? How do you like to dress to feel confident and beautiful?

Liliana Owen, Journalist

Do you ever get stuck in a fashion rut? Do you live in pajamas? Does spending the day at home and in front of a computer ever make it seem like getting dressed in the morning just isn’t worth it? Or perhaps you do get dressed in the morning, but your ‘look’ is limited to slacks and a t-shirt?

Well, guess what, dressing neatly is important for good self-esteem! You dress like a slob, you’ll feel like a slob. You dress neatly, you feel neat and confident. You dress like a hamburger, you feel like a hamburger, and your dad has you for dinner… JK wow that got morbid fast. Sorry.

But really, how you dress impacts how you feel, and how you feel will impact how you act and react to the world around you.

Sound hard? Fear not! Ladies, here is my list of ten easy ways to ‘look nice.’ Once you are used to being dressed and put together in the mornings, you’ll never want to go back! Except during vacations. And after midterms… #stress

Tip One: Get Out Of Those Pajamas!

My very first tip is to get out of those pajamas! PJs might be comfy and all but, in the words of myself, “Life is about more than comfy.” Remember, you dress one way, you feel that way. And have you noticed that day clothes are usually warmer than pajamas? Also a lot more practical. And, another thing, you feel specific energy when you get dressed, one of putting yourself back in the state of being ready to face anything.

Tip Two: Tuck In That Shirt (And There Are Many Ways To Do That)

There are many ways to tuck in a shirt, all of them very cute: A) the front tuck; B) the left side tuck; C)the right side tuck; D) the full tuck; and E)the nonexistent tuck 😉

Tip Three: Add Flats And A Scrunchie

Any basic outfit can go from ‘so?’ to ‘wow!’ in up to four steps. Step 1) put the left shoe on; Step 2) put the right shoe on; Step 3) add a scrunchie, and; Step 4) repeat the last step until happy. It’s really that simple. A pair of flats and 1-3 scrunchies is all it takes. The trick is in the variation. For example, with a simple black dress, (say with a loose but still form-fitting bodice; short puffed sleeves; and a knee-length A-line skirt) you could pair some berry shade flats, and matching scrunchies. With light jeans and a lime-green shirt, you could add denim-flats and scrunchies in lighter shades of teal or maybe a bit of pink.

Tip Four: Layer Lots

There are lots of ways to layer: add a sweater or a cardigan or a shrug; wear a button-up shirt open over a t-shirt; wear a skirt over a dress. Adding layers makes it chic! Also, it makes your outfit a lot warmer, which some of us need badly (myself included… it’s freezing at the top of Utah right now). Here are some of my examples: You can also add in a scarf, of which there are three kinds: A) the kind you wear to go build a snowman; B) the fashionable kind that is really chunky and soft and warm; and C) the fashionable kind that is gauzy and lacy and totally not warm but very cute. See, that’s a scarf for every kind of weather, even the its-so-cold-I’m-gonna-stay-inside-and-read-and-guzzell-hot-chocolate-all-day winter morning.

Tip Five: Add A Belt

Belts are amazing! They can hold up pants with a waist that is too big (I’m skinny, so I run into that problem a lot!). But belts are more than just useful. They are a great way to add a splash of color. If you’re wearing a basic pair of jeans and then a t-shirt, adding a belt (and doing a front tuck to showcase the awesomeness) is a great way to instantly make it look a lot more put together.

Tip Six: Roll Those Sleeves Up

Adjusting the length of your sleeves has never been easier! Back when people were cavemen, their fur sleeves would have been very hard to roll and push up and out of the way. Wait, maybe they didn’t have sleeves? Well, if they didn’t have sleeves, then it would be impossible for them to roll their sleeves up…. wow, this is all kinda beside the point. Basically, rolling your sleeves up is awesome! Cavemen don’t get the same opportunities as you do. That’s important to remember as well.

There are a couple of ways to roll those sleeves up. If you’re wearing a button-up or a cuffed shirt, fold them neatly up one, and maybe unbutton the cuff, depending on how loose the sleeves are. If you’re wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, just push them up past your elbows! This is also nifty because you roll your sleeves up when you’re about to tackle a hard task –like washing the dishes. It’s like being, “I am ready to take you on and emerge victoriously!” Yeah, so rolling or pushing your sleeves up is like saying, “I am so ready to face this day and be fully awesome!”

Also, just another quick word on button-ups: Most button-ups have this awesome strip sewn into the sleeve, usually around where your elbow is. You can take that, pull it out of the sleeve, around the cuff, and fasten it to that button on the outside of your sleeve around where your elbow is. Wow, it’s like ready-made rolled up sleeves that won’t fall down!

Also, rolling your sleeves up is a great way to showcase your bracelets, if you’re into that type of jewelry.

Tip Seven: Do Not Fear The Dresses

Today, ladies seem scared of dresses. It’s like they think that if they wear a dress, they are condoning all the sexist treatment of women in history! NO! Dresses rock! When you wear one, it’s like your saying, “I’m a woman, and proud of it!” And just because you’re proud of being a female, does not mean you can’t be strong, smart, aggressive, pessimistic, or anything else.

But wait, what if you want to wear a dress, but it feels too formal for the event you’re going to? Well, you can take a dress and add a button-up over it. Leave the buttons undone and tie the ends at your natural waist. Add boots, flats, or whatever else you want and you’re ready to go: cute, in a dress, and informal.

Another problem: are the dresses you buy and own a good fit? Maybe that’s why you hate them! Dresses that aren’t that perfect fit can be really annoying, and then you hate to wear them.

When you’re buying a dress, look for these four points:

1. Is it long enough that you won’t have to be forever worrying that you’re showing too much?

2. How long are the sleeves? How well do the sleeves fit? Is the length short/long enough for your preferences?

3. Are the shoulders broad enough? Make sure the sleeve seam (the place where the bodice and sleeves are connected) hits are as broad as your shoulders, not less and (depending on the style) not more.

4. Is the waist the right size? Make sure that it’s not too tight or too loose.

Of course, that doesn’t cover everything, so customize and add to the list as needed! Don’t compromise on fit! I have done so many times and regretted it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Tip Eight: Get Really Good At A Few Classic Hairdos

A key aspect of a put-together look is your hair. It frames your eyes, the “windows to your soul,” you’re always wearing it, and it’s really the make or break to an outfit. But it’s easy to get caught in a rut of doing the same hairdo over and over, every single day. I’ve been there. It’s also very easy to not know what to even do with your hair at all! I’ve been there as well. 🙂

The key to this is to master a few hairdos, getting to the point that you can do one in 2-6 minutes. These will become lifesavers for you!

And, of course, an updo isn’t for everyone. Consider a half-updo, curls, crimped hair, or a tiny braid. Pinterest is definitely useful when you’re looking around for cute hairdos that could become one of your few.

Here is a quick list to get you started:

-French braid

-Dutch braid (AKA ‘inside out braid’)



-Rope braid

-Basic bun

-Messy bun

-Braided bun

-The Pollyanna

You could easily find tutorials on You-Tube or Pinterest or wherever else… or your mom maybe.

Tip Nine: Consider Vintage

Have you considered vintage? Adding a vintage touch to an outfit can truly transform a look! The thing is, I am absolutely obsessed with fashion history. And vintage fashion is, well, fashion history. My favorite decade is, by far, the 1950s with the wide skirts, fitted tops, high-waisted pants, shorts, and capris and the whole ultra-feminine look.

There is this really awesome blog, vintagedancer.com, that is really very fascinating. It is about the 1900-1970’s fashion history and does give you shopping tips for a vintage or vintage-inspired look.

So the key is, don’t be afraid to bring back the old styles in order to find the perfect style that makes you feel super put together and confident!

Tip Ten: Fitted Clothing Rocks!

Almost anything becomes a little more stylish and a little less sloppy-looking when it’s a bit more fitted. Fitted does not have to mean tight though. But a shirt that shows off just a hint of curve is going to be more flattering than a t-shirt two sizes too big. And a blouse that’s little more nipped in as opposed to a blouse that’s, well, not, is going to be a bit more formal. Or, in other words, a bit more dressy, or put together.

I hope these ten tips help you get out of those pajamas, loungewear, or fashion rut and will make getting dressed every day easy and fun!