Midterms: Stressful Tests In The Middle Of The Semester


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How are you feeling about midterms? Totally stressed? Totally cool? Comment below to let us know how you feel!

Liliana Owen, Journalist

The last couple of weeks, I asked a few of my classmates the following questions: Are midterms stressful for you; how do you cope with midterms; how ready do you feel; what is the best part of midterms; what is the worst part of midterms; and, how do you celebrate afterwards?

Let me share their answers with you:

Are Midterms stressful for you?

Emma Bitner: I am the kind of person who is fueled by stress, so it doesn’t bug me. I always feel a little pressure during midterms, but even if I am behind on assignments, I feel confident that I will get them done in time and be able to get an acceptable grade.

Ariana Reid: Oh yes they are. All the midterms are in the same time range, and I have to see how much stuff I can cram into my brain for every class I have, and manage to keep it in there, and it doesn’t help that we have a ton of homework during that time as well.

Ethan Cannon: I am very laid back about school, so I don’t stress over the midterms. The only thing I stress about is if I run out of time because I have trouble focusing and can take a long time to do assignments like the midterms.

Hayley Weyandt: Yes, the first minute I click on the test I get stressed.

How do you cope with Midterms?

Ethan Cannon: I cope with them by studying and making sure I am ready but not paying too much attention to them to reduce stress.

Emma Bitner: If I have a lot of late assignments, I divide them equally during the week so I can do a little each day until I am caught up. But overall, I just try not to have late assignments. 🙂

Hayley Weyandt: I know in the end I would have the rest of the week off 😂

Ariana Reid: To cope with them, I honestly just study as hard as I can, and it helps me to study when my study area is really clean and I have snacks (and plenty of water) on hand.

How ready do you feel?

Hayley Weyandt: Kind of ready but kind of not at the same time.

Ethan Cannon: I feel very ready for the midterms this year because I have always gotten good grades in math, so I tell myself that this is just like all those other assignments that I did, just put together into one big assignment.

Ariana Reid: When it’s time for midterms, I feel confident and ready… until I see that first question. Then, suddenly, I don’t remember anything I studied. Everything I learned, everything I tried so hard to remember, instantly flies out of my brain, and when I’m doing one of those midterms where I can’t use my notes, I freak out, which definitely doesn’t help me with the midterm. Once I come across a super easy question, I calm down a bit and am able to do the test pretty well, but since the grade it gives me is stressed in my classes so much, it’s still stressful and hard the whole time.

Emma Bitner: I know I am not ready yet, but I trust myself to get everything done in time.

What is the best part of Midterms?

Emma Bitner: The best part of midterms? For one, a break, lol. 🙂 Two, I’m kind of a weirdo and I actually enjoy tests and quizzes, so I look forward to the test that quizzes me on everything I have learned. I always look forward to seeing how well I did and seeing how I can improve.

Ethan Cannon: The best part of the midterms for me is that I don’t have any classes or other assignments to worry about.

Ariana Reid: The best part of midterms, for me at least, is when I finish and get to see my grade. Then, even if I get a grade worse than I was hoping for, I am happy, content, and kinda feel like I can do anything, since I finished that.

Hayley Weyandt: Seeing how far along you have come the whole semester.

What is the worst part of Midterms?

Ethan Cannon: The worst part is that even though they cancel classes and assignments, they actually end up taking more time than the classes and assignments would have.

Emma Bitner: The worst part is that I can’t submit anything afterward. I get that it’s necessary and I don’t expect this particular rule to change, but that is the biggest thing that gets me stressed.

Hayley Weyandt: Feeling stressed.

How do you celebrate afterward?

Ethan Cannon: Afterwards, I don’t really have a celebration; getting the midterms over with is more than enough. I might do an Ace Ventura-style victory dance though.

Hayley Weyandt: I go and do something fun with my family.

Ariana Reid: Afterwords, I go to my room, bring out my chocolate stash, and read a few good books or just sit outside and bask in the sun while munching on deliciousness. Then, after I’ve calmed down, I hang out with friends, go to the park with my siblings, or just do random things that come across my mind, because midterms are over, and all my stress is gone.

Emma Bitner: To celebrate? I usually just don’t do any homework and make the entire week relaxing and enjoyable for myself.

Yo, too much stress?

People have very different opinions on midterms! It’s nice to know that not everyone is running around screaming like a dead chicken because midterms are this week.

And you’ll totally do fine! Midterms may be super stressful, but take a deep breath, relax, and do you’re best. You’ll do awesome.


PS: Many thanks to Ethan Cannon, Hayley Weydant, Ariana Reid, and Emma Bitner for their participation!