Morning On The Farm


Jeff Lanuza from Pexels

Winter mornings are beautiful -and cold! However, there is still work that needs to be done. At least, when you’re living on a farm.

Liliana Owen, Journalist

Outside, it is cold, my bed is warm. Outside is work and more work, but inside is filled with cozy luxury. Still, I have to get up. I roll out of bed, kicking my fleece comforter off as I do so. I hurriedly get dressed, shivering all the while. It is a cold January morning on the farm, barely 7 a.m., and already, there is work to do before we can eat.

I pull on my coat, my winter boots, my snow pants, and lastly, my gloves. I hurry out the door and into the yard.

I gasp as the scene hits my eyes. It is beauty, pure beauty. The sun creeps up from behind the mountains in a blindingly brilliant show of light.

The snow dyed pink by the radiant light crunches under my feet. The sky is a pale pink that fades into a soft blue, dancing in stark contrast to the bare trees that stand in my yard.

The brilliant light begins to fade as the sun surfaces and the warm rays from it hit my face. Within minutes, the pink has dissolved and the sky is that clear blue.

In the chicken pen, a rooster crows loudly, and the magic is broken. I hurry past the trees and into the chicken pen, where I let the flock of twenty out of the coop and give them their feed. The rooster struts around as he watches his hens eat, and I have to laugh.

I watch them for a few minutes more, then hurry to see to our goats next. I pile the hay into their trough, then take their brush and give their coat a quick touch up. I step out of the field, making sure to shut the gate behind me. I see my twin brother coming out from the dog kennel and wade through the snow over to talk to him.

He beats me to it: “Hurry in, sis.” he says, “Mom has pancakes on the griddle.”

I turn to leave, then whip back to face him. “Race you in?”

He nods, though I don’t wait to see his answer. I’m already running.