Top Four BEST Movie Genres


By Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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Aryka Stump, Journalist

In this article, I will be going over a few different movie genres and rating them based on my personal opinion. I’m a pretty avid movie watcher. Like many other kids nowadays, my free time is spent binging Netflix or Disney+. Even before streaming was popular, I spent my time watching movies I had rented from Redbox or the Library or even Blockbuster. (If any of our younger readers don’t remember what that is, it was basically Netflix, but you had to leave your house.) So, as a practically professional movie watcher, here are the best movie genres ranked by me:

4. Action: Who doesn’t love a good action movie? Full of adventure and super cool people doing super cool stunts. Sometimes they are about superheroes, sometimes they are about spies. No matter what they are about, they are fun to watch and make us want to live our own lives dangerously. Action movies are really fun to watch with just about anyone in any situation.

3. Romance: Anyone who says they don’t like a cheesy love story has a stone-cold heart! Romance movies are some of the most popular out there. Everybody dreams of falling in love and romance movies make all of us want to fall in love even more. As a teenage girl, I can testify that romance movies are the best movies to watch after a long day. Classics like The Notebook or Titanic are bound to make the best of us shed a tear.

2. Comedy: Comedy movies are my second favorite because I love to laugh. If you are a living, breathing, human, I’m quite positive you love to laugh also. That’s why Comedy is the best for everyone! There are thousands of different movies packed full of different varieties of humor. There really is something out there for everyone in this genre.

1. Horror: Now, before you say I’m crazy, hear me out. I did say at the beginning of this article, it’s based on my opinion and my opinion is horror movies are the greatest of all time. There are so many different types. Murder mysteries, paranormal, even realistic scares like being stalked by a psychopath. I get that this isn’t really everybody’s thing, but personally, I love the adrenaline. I’ve been addicted to horror stories since I was in second grade and the second my parents said I was old enough to watch them. Horror movies became my biggest addiction. The creativity and imagination that goes into them are incredible. There are some amazing directors and writers out there who craft such chilling pieces, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King, even Jordan Peele has made some incredible movies. So maybe I am slightly crazy, but there is nothing better than jump scares and a good adrenaline rush.