Black Holes: An Inside Look


Alexander Antropov from Pixabay

Astronomy is fascinating. The twinkling stars are only a small part of what makes up the sky we look at each night...

Jozlyn Larsen, Journalist

Have you ever wondered how a black hole is made and why we have them out there in space? Read on to learn all about them.

It all started a long time ago, some people called it the Big Bang Theory. These people believe that the Big Bang is how the whole solar system started. Scientists believe there were two different kinds of particles, let’s just call them the Red and Blue particles. Now the Red hated the Blue and whenever they would come even close to one another, it would be like when you enter a room full of angry people, so that’s not good. Scientists believed that these two particles at a time, ran into each other, which caused an explosion, making all of the other particles run into each other, so in other words, this made one really big explosion that made a chain reaction of little bombs, which made all kinds of particles to go everywhere, which made a little pull of gravity, and all of those particles came together and started to form something new.

Scientists say that a long time after this explosion, our earth was made. Well then how did we get the moon, I’m sure you would ask? Scientists say that there was an asteroid that was hit by a rock that was thrown because of gravity towards this asteroid, which caused it to be sent toward the forming earth, these two then crashed into each other, which made the earth and the forming moon break in half. For a long time, the Earth and the Moon began to form with the leftover particles, by this time the Earth and the Moon found their way to our sun, which by this time also pulled some other forming planets into the gravitational pull, forming what we now call “home in the solar system.” Scientists also say that some kind of seed or whatnot came into the Earth’s atmosphere with what we nowadays call grass and trees. One thing after another, everything just came together.

For example, let’s get our new Earth and make it into a black hole. After some time floating around in space, the Earth’s core will become hungry, and start eating all of the oxygen, but the Earth’s core will want more, it’s just like the Earth is in a buffet and it will eat everything. Now that all of the oxygen is gone, the Earth will move on to iron, which would be the second course in the buffet. Then it will move on to the third course, the Earth is starting to get really big, some might say that the Earth is starting to look like a gas giant. The Earth still wants more, so the Earth will start to eat everything that’s left in its core, by this time the Earth is so heavy, but it still wants that last piece of cake. The Earth is eating the last thing in our buffet which helps to form what we call our gas giant. The Earth’s core can’t handle the weight, so it will collapse on itself so the scientists say.

Because of how old the Earth is, the core is also very old, so that means that by this time the core has given up and has died, everything has now started to suck in on itself making another explosion, (which we call a supernova) this makes a big shock wave and a beautiful colorful cloud. This is a wonderful theory because we see colors all around us and to think that the colors could come from a color cloud is awesome. But that is not in fact, where our colors come from.

There are two things that can happen, the colorful clouds could combine together and form into a mini rock that will one day turn into Little Earth Jr. and everything will start over. OR our colorful cloud could again collapse making a reaction, that will poke a hole in space, making everything around this hole, get sucked in, just like when you vacuum your living room floor. Scientists call these Black Holes, which have no light so you can’t see them anywhere. Then again, some scientists are starting to say that black holes aren’t real, that it’s all just a theory. However, some say they are real and the Earth has them all over the place and every day a Black Hole has passed through someone without them knowing, but then again this is all one big theory.