Why Latin? Advantages To Learning A Dead Language


Andrea Albanese from Pexels

Is learning Latin -a dead language- useless or useful? Comment your thoughts about it below!

Liliana Owen, Journalist

Have you considered learning Latin? Some might say that this is a futile mission, seeing that Latin is a dead language. However, I propose that learning Latin is a good idea, despite it’s being “dead.”

Latin is a Root Language

Latin is a root language. This means that our words have Latin prefixes, suffixes, etc. So knowing Latin can help you know, spell, pronounce, and write English better! It will also help you learn other languages with Latin roots such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Romanian.

We Have Lots of Latin in Our World

From scientific terms to phrases such as “exit”, there is lots of Latin that we use. Latin is the “vocabulary of science.” There are also lots of legal terms that are Latin, such as “veto,” “Quid pro quo,” “referendum,” and “habeas corpus.” And there are tons of theological terms in Latin. These include, “sacrament,” “immortality,” “benediction,” “crucifixion,” and “grace.” Since we have so much Latin in our world, why not learn it? Especially if you like science, law/government/legal stuff, or religion.

Other Wacky Stuff

It has also been said that learning Latin is good for your patience and “trains and develops” the human mind. This may or may not be specifically true: learning any language would teach patience, and would train and develop the human mind. However, it does sound like the perfect finishing touch to a list of reasons why you should learn Latin.

Latin is Awesome!

And besides, if you learn Latin, you’ll understand the words: ad nos video se!

Okay, okay, I’ll be nice. Translation: Until we see each other.



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