Dressing Your Truth: Part II Of Energy Profiling

How Energy Profiling Can Help You Always Look Amazing


Photo by Stephanie Campbell

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Liliana Owen, Journalist

Energy Profiling, which I discussed in this article here, is a personality system, but it is also so much more. It reaches into all parts of your life, including how you view the world and what type of clothes you will feel best in. 

Carol Tuttle, the creator of Energy Profiling, has also built a ‘Dressing Your Truth’ course for women that has been made free (it used to be really expensive, back when it was new).

There is also a “Dressing Your Truth” men’s course, but as of yet, it is ridiculously expensive. So I am not going to talk about it, because it is out of a lot of student’s price range.

In her course for women, she explains specific guidelines for each type. Some types don’t wear certain colors (black and brown), and different styles are good for different types.

She also offers a Style Guide that is just short of $99. This is a supplement to the course, and if someone was going all-in on dressing their truth, it is a good investment. 

In addition, with a kind of expensive subscription, you can get lots of extra info, such as a whole video about a half-hour long on picking the perfect plaid for your type, in addition to many other videos on a wide variety of topics, including jeans, hair, etc.

It all depends on how in-depth you want to go with the dressing your truth. Personally, I’ve taken a lot from the course and it’s really helped me, but I’m not doing it 100%. That’s fine, too. I don’t have a subscription or a Style Guide (I do want a subscription, but right now it’s out of my price range. And besides, gerbil food is a higher priority for me right now.)

All in all, her course is pretty great. She’s really good at explaining everything. The one downside is that she is constantly “tooting her own horn” and telling you to buy her Style Guide.

Click on the link below to visit the course and learn more about this life-changing resource.