The Journey Within, The Parables of the Frozen Movies

Part 1 of 5


Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

Elsa and Anna are heroic princesses who combat evil princess and growing powers. What can we learn from their struggles?

Liliana Owen, Journalist

Disney has come out with some good movies… and with some less good movies. And still, other movies are amazingly deep classics. One such movie is Frozen and it’s sequel. In this article, we will outline Frozen I; in part two of this series, we will discuss the parables of Frozen I. Then we will go on to outline Frozen II, and then discuss it’s parables. In the fifth part, we will sum it up and discuss the main themes of the two movies: The Journey Within.

ALERT: This series contains SPOILERS. Lots of them. Continue at YOUR OWN RISK.


Basically, Elsa is born with powers. She uses them to have fun with her sister, Anna. But one day, ice from her powers gets into Anna’s head. Her parents rush them to the trolls, who remove the ice from Anna’s head and warn Elsa of her powers, telling her that fear is her greatest enemy.

After that, her parents, in an effort to protect Elsa, shut themselves up in the castle, reduce the staff, and limit Elsa’s contact with humans. Anna, of course, suffers from the side effects: you can’t shut the castle without blocking off BOTH sisters from people. Elsa, terrified of her powers, stays in her room, despite Anna’s pleas. Then one day, their parents need to make a voyage. They bid farewell and go on their way. Unfortunately, their ship is drowned and they are lost.


Three years later, Elsa has come of age and is going to be crowned queen. She’s terrified, which makes her lose control of her powers and she frosts the orb and scepter. Anna meets Hans, a dashing prince, and falls in love. He proposes, she accepts. They go to Elsa to ask for her blessing in marriage, and she refuses, telling Anna that one can’t marry a prince they just met. They get in a fight, and Elsa loses control of her powers again. Elsa runs away to the mountains. Her powers freeze the fjord and send Arendelle into winter. She decides that she isn’t going to hide her power anymore and builds a huge ice castle for herself.

Different Heroes

Meanwhile, back in Arendelle, Anna is determined to fix the winter and find her sister, feeling that it is her fault it all happened. Leaving Prince Hans in charge, she heads for the mountains to seek out her sister. Her horse runs away from her and so she continues on foot. Luckily, there is a trading post nearby, at which she stops.

While there, she meets Christoff and his reindeer, Sven. She bribes them to take her up to the North Mountain, where she believes her sister to be. She finds Elsa, tries to convince her to come home with her but fails. Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart with her ice powers. 

The Plot Thickens…

Meanwhile, Hans organizes a search party and goes out to find Anna. Instead, they find, almost kill, and capture Elsa and bring her back to Arendelle, where she is put in the dungeon. She escapes just as they are preparing to execute her.

Anna learns that, unless removed, the shard of ice in her heart will turn her completely to ice, forever. The only way to save her life and remove the ice is with an act of true love. Christoff hurries her back to the castle, where she begs Hans, to kiss her. He refuses and reveals that his proposal was just in an effort to get the throne. He leaves the room, locking Anna in. She is rescued by Olaf, a snowman created by Elsa, and realizes that Christoff loves her. However, she is slowly turning to ice. 

Anna tries to go out to meet Christoff, walking as quickly as she can across the frozen fjord. The transformation to ice is happening more quickly and it is getting harder for her to walk. As she is trying to get to Christoff, Anna sees, out of the corner of her eye, that Hans is preparing to kill Elsa. Anna blocks the blow of Han’s sword but completely turns to ice.

However, Anna saving Elsa WAS an act of true love, so she thaws. Then Elsa realizes how to thaw all the ice she created: through the power of love. She thaws the fjord (luckily, they’re on a boat) and makes it spring. Anna punches Hans, sending him flying overboard.

The Happily Ever After

Elsa opens the castle gates forever and uses her powers to make people happy. Hans gets sent back to his homeland, and they all live happily ever after. Except for Hans. As you learn in Frozen Fever, he gets demoted by his twelve brothers and spends his days shoveling horse muck. The end.

Tune back in a bit for Part Two of The Journey Within, The Parables of the Frozen Movies.