Frozen II: Movie Review


Marc Newberry on Unsplash

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Liliana Owen, Journalist

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch Frozen II. I did not go into the theater with very high expectations. After all, I knew of only two sequels that were better than the original (Kung Fu Panda 2&3). I had been told, repeatedly, by everyone who was watching it that it was even better than Frozen I. But let me tell you, I was not convinced. Not by a long shot.

But then…. then I watched it and was swept away into a world of enchanted forests, curses, powers, and sisterly love. There was phenomenal music. And romance. Christoff finally got around to popping the question that I thought was going to come at the end of Frozen I. And a twist that I never could have guessed but totally makes sense and feels right. Really, it’s amazing.

Frozen II is definitely a 5-star movie in my book. It’s amazing, and I highly recommend it. It exceeded my expectations. And yes, I like it better than Frozen 1. And I’m super excited for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it again.