Virtual Powers

The Day My Dreams Were Fulfilled


Kimmy Williams on Unsplash

The llama, the Williamsburg “mascot” eats peacefully. Hopefully the hero of this story will do the same…

Liliana Owen, Journalist

It had been just a normal morning … but it was the day my dreams were fulfilled.

I woke up and ate breakfast, just as normal. I practiced the piano for an hour, just like normal.

Then, things changed.

The teacher started talking about exponents (which I had already learned about in math lab yesterday, working ahead on my assignments). So, I got kinda bored.

However, like the responsible kid I was, I stayed focused, took notes, and didn’t goof off on chat. I didn’t watch netflix during class, didn’t browse YouTube, and didn’t read articles on The Burger Gazette.

Other people did not fare so well. Also bored, they started goofing off in the chat. It was a bit distracting, so I politely asked them to stay on topic. They did –for two seconds. Then they started discussing the latest Disney movie. I asked them again, but to no avail.

I had had enough!

I took a deep breath, pushed the capslock button, and virtually yelled at them. Still, it made no difference. It was time to take drastic measures. I typed in the chat, “*virtual slap in the face*”

On cam, I saw the students recoil. One’s forehead began swelling, and I realized, with astonishment, that it was all my fault! I must have suddenly gained virtual llama powers, just as I had always dreamed of having. I knew I would need to learn to control my temper a little better to avoid wounding my peers.

But still, virtual llama powers? What else can I do? I am eager to find out, but decide to wait. After all, I am here to learn, not to virtually punch people in the face.