Cannon In Spain: The Burger Gazette Interviews Ethan Cannon On His Trip To Spain


Liliana Owen, Journalist

TBG: Good day, Ethan. How are you?

Ethan Cannon: Tired, but good.

TBG: I’m glad to hear that. You mentioned that you went to Spain for the summer; would you mind telling us about that experience?

Ethan Cannon: We went there for spring break, and we got to stay there for 10 days. The first and last days were spent in Madrid, and we used our grandparents’ timeshare is Malaga as our home base. Each day, we drove from Malaga to another city, stayed there for the day, and then drove back. We went to Seville, Ronda, Antequera, Granada, Cadiz, Madrid, Malaga,and Gibraltar (although that last one is actually not in Spain. It was awesome.

TBG: What was your favorite place city to visit?

Ethan Cannon: They were all amazing, but my favorite was probably Antequera since we got to go to El Torcal and see the amazing rock formations there. Gibraltar was a close second because we got to see (and even hold!) the macaques’ monkeys that live there.TBG: Did you try any new foods? what was your favorite?

Ethan Cannon: No, we didn’t. We didn’t really trust the Spanish food, so we just found an Italian restaurant in each city. We did go to one Spanish restaurant, but I didn’t really eat.…

TBG: What was your favorite part of Spain?

Ethan Cannon: Definitely climbing the rocks in El Torcal.TBG: Was that scary?

Ethan Cannon: No, my family does a lot of rock climbing, and the rocks weren’t sketchy, although sometimes we had to jump gaps to get to taller rocks.

TBG: Wow, that sounds really cool. Do you want to go back again? What would you do again? What else would you want to do that you didn’t get to?

Ethan Cannon: Yes, I want to go back. Now that I’ve been there, I feel homesick for it. I would revisit all the cities we went to, try some actual Spanish food, and visit more cities. Maybe get some gelato while I’m at it…TBG: Anything else you would like to add before we end the interview?

Ethan Cannon: The gelato…was heavenly. To people going there: if you go into the bell tower of the cathedral in Cadiz, THE BELL WILL BLOW UP YOUR EARDRUMS and you will almost fall out of the tower in surprise because you never know when it is going to ring. Oh, also they don’t give free refills on your drinks so drink sparingly. When you order soda.

TBG: That’s great to know. Thank you for the interview, Ethan.










The Burger Gazette would like to note that all photographs included in this article have been taken by Jari Carlton Cannon in the year 2019.