Inspiration Hour With Mr Ure: The Phases of a Williamsburg Semester

Have some thoughts on this recent Inspiration Hour? Share below in the comments!

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Have some thoughts on this recent Inspiration Hour? Share below in the comments!

Liliana Owen, Journalist

On Friday, September 13th, Mr. James Ure joined us for Inspiration Hour to share with us “The Phases of a Williamsburg semester.”

To start, he showed us a picture of himself when he graduated. You could see the pride and accomplishment in his eyes as he stood with his young family. He had graduated with honors in the top 5% at his school.

Then he took us back three years before his graduation when he was a confused student at law school. At school he thought, “What on earth is even going on?” and “Do I even belong here?” But then Mr. Ure decided that despite his doubts, he was going to stay. He hit a learning curve, a shift in energy.

When he got his grades back, he learned that he did okay in four of his classes, great in two, and had the highest grade out of everyone in one other class. He says that his success in law school came from understanding the phases of the semester.

After giving us a couple of examples on how the phases work, he labeled phase one as month one, phase two as month two, and so on. He told us the dominant emotion for each phase and then told us how to be at our best during each phase of the semester. The phases are as follows:

In phase one (month one):
• Learn the new language.
• Annotate in the margins.
• Summarize concepts you do understand in your study guide.
• Don’t stress, no one is catching everything.

In phase two (month two):
• Keep good notes in your study guide to assist you when you’re in phase four.
• Organize your study guide by topic.
• Rewrite what you learn in your own words.

In phase three (month three):
• Review all your notes on a topic.
• Turn all your notes into diagrams, charts, timelines, etc.
• See how all the parts of an idea work together.
• Think about how the idea applies in your personal life.

In phase four (month four):
• Review study guides, notes, diagrams, charts, etc.
• Review and memorize key points.
• Join study groups to form new connections.
• Enjoy the magic when it all comes together.

If you learn how best to work in each one, then you’ll have greater success in school.

Inspiration Hour was pretty awesome. I’m so glad I was able to watch it. If you didn’t or couldn’t go participate in it live, you can watch it HERE.