Liliana Owen, Journalist


buried underneath
a wave of depression
I take what may be my last breath:
I try not to fear
my only transgression
is not having asked for help
when I was here.

trust me
do not walk the path alone
battling the disorientation
of the wave of depression
don’t think you’re on your own
swallow your pride and ask for help
do not commit the same transgression

you can’t do it on your own
it’s impossible
don’t hide
don’t pretend everything’s all right
if you need help just ask
you’re not alone
please don’t try to make it on your own

I swallow my pride
I ask for help
to battle the tide

can’t make it on my own
hate feelin’ so alone
won’t pretend it’s all right when it’s not
won’t hide

I reach for support
I grab their hands
I slowly stand up
put my feet on the sand
can I make it
maybe just maybe
but not on my own