The Presidency


Savannah Lorcher, Student Body President

Williamsburg matters. But do we, Burgers, know that? As Student Body President, I have had the unique opportunity to view Williamsburg from a vantage point and observe the many working parts that make this school operate. Throughout my term as President I’ve learned that Williamsburg matters for different reasons and as students, I think it’s valuable we recognize why it matters so we can appreciate the school we’re a part of and maximize our time here.

  1. Williamsburg matters in innovation. One of the discussions in my Geography and World Events class was on technology and how it will disrupt the world as we know it. In education terms, “the world as we know it” means a brick and mortar school with textbooks, a sterile “one size fits all” education model, and an abundance of standardized tests. But as the world gets more technologically advanced, an outdated education model fails to produce results necessary to thrive in this world. But Williamsburg is innovative. It is unique. It is modern. It sets a standard for the rest of upcoming education and traditional public school systems will follow in the footsteps of our school. You may not recognize it now because you are living it, but soon a lot of education will be online. And guess what! You’ll be able to say you were one of the firsts.
  2. Williamsburg matters in education. A good portion of Burgers come from a homeschool background, including me. Homeschool was great but as I got older I was lonely because of the isolated nature of homeschooling. And the “mom being my teacher for every subject” wasn’t working anymore. Williamsburg provided structure, curriculum, mentors, and friends while still giving me the pros of homeschooling like flexibility, staying in pajamas, and staying close to family. Even if you don’t come from a homeschool background, I think you can agree. Williamsburg gave you an alternative. It gives you time to pursue other passions like sports, music, coding, engineering, and work. It allows you to travel and do cool things while still getting an education. Williamsburg gives us the education we need in high school while allowing us to educate ourselves on whatever we choose, something most public schoolers don’t get. Williamsburg offers a place where different opinions are supported and intelligent conversation fostered. It provides a place where our nerdiness is encouraged. And that matters.
  3. Williamsburg matters for the individual. Take a second and think back on all the funny moments you’ve had in class. Whether it was Mr. Rees blowing up a Barbie or Mr. Reynolds cracking a really corny joke. Or maybe it was Mrs. Garland entertaining you with really bad math puns. Think about all the times a mentor reached out to you with concern for you, your mental health, your grade, your well-being, or simply just to get to know you. Think about the challenging times when a mentor pushed you past your limits to achieve something you never thought possible. Think about all the hours spent in Zoom, laughing with your peers. Think about all the group chats, adventures, laughs, and memories you shared with your classmates. These moments might not seem like much now, but they are adding to your character. They are adding life, happiness, and purpose. Williamsburg matters. So let it matter to you. I know it’s cliche but that won’t stop me from saying it: What you get out of an experience depends on what you put into it. So whether you’re a freshman or a soon-to-be-graduating senior, give it your all. Take time to study. Serve your classmates. Debate passionately. Get to know your mentors. Because soon you’re going to graduate. Soon you’re going to be an adult. And you’ll realize how much Williamsburg matters. So let it matter now.

While this article is a celebration of Williamsburg from a student, it is also a celebration of me as a student in Williamsburg. So what has Williamsburg done for me? Williamsburg gave me a place to belong when I was alone. Williamsburg pushed me past my intellectual boundaries to think deeper, study harder, write better, and debate more. Williamsburg provided mentors who guide, instruct, and love me. Williamsburg gave me access to meet some of the best students who are now my best friends.

Williamsburg won’t stop influencing me after high school. In college, I will still manage my time using techniques learned in Personal Leadership. I will still reach out to mentors when I need advice. I will take the lessons learned in classes and apply them to my college lectures. I will debate with articulated language, intelligent thoughts, and passion. Williamsburg won’t stop once I graduate. Williamsburg is a part of me now. And I can only hope that I will stay a part of it.

So to my mentors. To my graduating class. To my classmates. To my friends. To Zoom. To Blackboard. To Canvas. To the student reading this article in four years. To Williamsburg. Thank you. Thank you. You matter more than you know.