The Phases of Life



Sophie S, Journalist

Graduation, the celebration that marks departing from one phase of life and entering another. Preschool and Kindergarten graduations pursed the heartstrings of parents as they mourned no longer having a ‘baby.’

Now, the real world is around the corner, putting student’s upbringing and education to the test. What will you do with your life? Who will you become? What lessons will you take with you into adulthood?

Seniors have been known to become antsy the months leading up to graduation, wanting just to be done and over with. It is comparable to the last mile of a 10k, there is no denying that another race will happen, but the only focus is finishing the mile at hand.

In our society phrases like “I don’t want to adult today,” are readily available on apparel and spoken from the mouths of millennials nationwide. Everyone has days when we don’t want to live up to our responsibilities. There is a stigma within communities that younger generations need a sticker system at their job because of their inability to strive for excellence.

What makes Burgers different? How are we to use our critical thinking and leadership skills to change the direction of our generation. I’m sure by now you already have plans for next year: an internship, higher-level education or entering the workforce.

I’ve created five suggestions to help the transition to both adulthood and the workplace.

  1. Create a reading goal. Reading a new book every week or month will help you continue to improve upon yourself.
  2. Find an accountability partner. Keep in contact with another Burger (or a close friend when you move away from home) stay accountable with one another.
  3. Stay active. Saying fit and avoiding the dreaded ‘freshman fifteen’ not only helps you look your best but feel your best.
  4. Keep busy. Burgers are used to a level of expectations and work that you can’t find elsewhere, so be ready to supplement your work.
  5. Have meaningful conversations. Never forget to spark deep discussions even with strangers!