Joshua Christensen Interview

Photo Courtesy of Joshua Christensen

Tanner Hoyal, Journalist

Joshua Christensen (Josh) is an extremely productive 17-year-old. TBG had the chance to interview him about his lifestyle and various accomplishments.

The Burger Gazette (TBG): How long have you attended Williamsburg?

Josh: I have attended Williamsburg since I was a wee little 8th grader. I started in the Intermediate school, attended the Academy, and now am a student at the LAU.

TBG: What is your educational background?

Josh: I was homeschooled before I started Williamsburg, and I just gotta say, Williamsburg has really changed me and my educational experiences. I’ve been in this school since I was in Eighth grade and really have just had a fantastic experience.

TBG: Do you participate in any extracurricular activities? If so, what are they?

Josh: Mock Trial, Speech & Debate, Model United Nations, Interning with Eagle Forum, and Cross Country.

TBG: Could you elaborate on your Mock Trial involvement?

Josh: Of course! Mock Trial is a simulation where high school students have the opportunity to play the roles of attorneys and witnesses. Besides trial advocacy and an understanding of the US legal system, Mock Trial has taught me how to work on a team. The Mock Trial team I’m on has won state competitions three times and will soon be competing for the second time at the national level.

TBG: What about speech and debate? Where do you do debate? Why do you do it? How does that work?

Josh: I’ve been able to have the privilege of participating in the WIDL (Wasatch Independent Debate League) for five years now. My experience with the WIDL has just been fantastic! I have been able to work as a Teacher’s Assistant for three years and being a TA has given me the opportunity to work with beginning students. It given me the opportunity to give back to a program that really has given me so much. I do debate because I love helping other people and learning—plain and simple.

Through the program, I have been able to compete in events such as Lincoln Douglas, Extemporaneous, Original Oratory, Student Congress, and Presidential Debate.

TBG: You mentioned an internship?

Josh: Yeah, so I have been able to Intern with Eagle Forum. They’re just a small conservative lobbying group here in Utah. Interning has given me the opportunity to meet and work with Utah legislators. Every Tuesday at the capitol I ran messages around, took notes in committee meetings, and watched floor time. Interning with Eagle Forum not only taught me how government functions at the state level, but gave me a profound appreciation for it.

TBG: What exactly is the Model United Nations?

Josh: Model United Nations has taught me how to work with people who have opposing views and how to make reasonable, mutually beneficial compromises. Especially when you’re assigned a country with a more radical view, Model United Nations is all about finding common ground and building on that common ground. While participating in BYUMUN, my partner and I were able to win Best Delegate twice, which was just an awesome experience.

TBG: Could tell us a little bit about cross country?

Josh: I really enjoy running. I was able to run with Weber High and had just an amazing experience.

TBG: Now to the fun questions . . . What is your favorite food and why?


Josh: I really like ice cream. Many a night ice cream and I have spent together. Whenever I am working on a paper or something else late at night, when the clock ticks past twelve, the call of the siren starts, and I lose virtually all control.

TBG: What is your favorite movie?

Josh: I really liked the Greatest Showman if any of you have seen it recently. I also really like Interstellar. But to pick a favorite movie– that’s a tough question. I don’t know if I could pick a single movie to be my favorite.

TBG: What is your favorite book? Why does it interest you?

Josh: I would have to probably give the same answer to this question as I did the movie one. I don’t think I can pick a favorite book. Some books though that have profoundly shaped my life are; Scary Close by Donald Miller, Evil In America by Benjamin Shapiro, and Les Miserable by Victor Hugo. I could go on and on and on though. Right next to ice cream is the siren call of reading.

TBG: What does a perfect day mean to you?

Josh: Tournament days and the days I have mock trial. Waking up, getting a good breakfast, driving to the competition, competing, and being so tired that I fall asleep in an instant. That’s the dream. I love those days.

TBG: What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you in the past year?

Josh: I got to swim with Sharks in Hawaii, which was super fun, but also super scary.

Bonus question: Who is your funniest mentor?

Josh: Rees for sure!