Conquering Your Fear of the Future


Katie F., Journalist

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  This has always been a question that causes me to panic and feel a gripping fear paralyzing my entire body.

Why is it that so many of us feel angst about the future? For many of us, it is because we cannot predict it.  We only have a certain measure of control over it. The human brain is hardwired to seek things that promise security, but our futures are anything but guaranteed. So how do we get past the fear we have of the future and unlock our potential?

  1. Picture the end goal and figure out how you want to reach it.

Whether it is feeling fulfillment, having family, or simply not starving to death (let’s face it, most seniors are afraid their college housing will be a cardboard box), we all have something that we want. By breaking down our aspirations into smaller, more manageable goals it is like we are drawing out a route on a map. We have our end goal, and we are giving ourselves the directions we need to get there. What if you hit blockages on the road? We will all have hitches in our original plan, and it is in the difficult times that we need to remember the friendly voice of the GPS saying, “Recalculating.” Just as you would never turn back home when you encounter construction blocking you on a road trip, it sometimes becomes necessary to reroute so you can reach your larger goals.

  1. Live each day like it matters.

In David Copperfield, Dickens writes, “Never do tomorrow what can be done today.”

Why wait to do all of the incredible things you have planned for your future? We all fear that our lives will not go the way we plan. We fear that we won’t travel the world like we want to, that we will feel dissatisfied with life, or that we will look up and realize the last forty years passed in a haze. Don’t let it happen! Start creating small goals that will lead to the future you want. Invest now in the future you want tomorrow.

  1. Learn to accept change and let go of what you can’t control.

Difficulties will come and go. Don’t let your attitude ruin what could be an incredible experience! Never compromise your values, but always be willing to accept what comes. If you have no control over something, then why worry? Accept mistakes and learn from them. Don’t keep kicking yourself over that one awkward moment when your crush walked by right as you were stuffing a burger in your face. See what you can do about a situation or problem, not about what you can’t. Doing this will not only make your daily life less stressful, but also allow you to see the bigger picture and reach your goals faster.

As we all know, life is crazy. The constant worry, fear, and apprehension can make daily tasks monotonous. Get outside of that. You can live a life of meaning, fulfillment, and epicness. Don’t let your fear of the future get in the way of your potential. The future is a scary thing, but you can make it great! Don’t let it pass you by. GO LIVE LIFE!


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