3 tips to Actually Get You Through High School

Rachelle P., Journalist

Sometimes high school is really tough, and when you attend a rigorous online, leadership high school, it can be even more difficult. But never fear, because surviving high school is possible! I’ve gathered awesome tips from a handful of incredible Williamsburg seniors to help you not only survive but succeed!

#1: Work hard.

Putting the necessary effort into your homework is really important, even when you don’t want to do anything at all. Keep pressing forward.

Katie F. says, “We all know that the work we put in is the work that we get out. If we want to feel fulfillment in our assignments and class discussions then we have to put in the required work. Doing the readings before class, raising your hand, and learning with your mentors will give you an incomparable sense of accomplishment. Always work for the results that you want!”

Hannah C. says, “Just do it. Whatever it is, just do it. Work hard and do as much as you can because you’ll never get this time back. Don’t overwork yourself, but make the most of the time that you have, especially in pursuing the things that are important to you.”

#2: Don’t do it alone. Seek help from the Mentors.

Whether you’re overwhelmed and falling behind, or just having a rough week, turn to your mentors. There have been so many times when I’m stressed out and failing my classes, and I meet with my mentors and make a plan to catch up, and I feel a ton better afterward. Mentors help calm fears and encourage. Not only are they teachers, they’re friends. They care about the non-academic areas of your life as well, and they are there to help and uplift.

Christian W. says, “Run toward your mentors. They’re here to help you learn and grow. Don’t be scared of them, because they’re one of your greatest assets.”

#3: It gets better.

While high school can be a roller coaster of emotions and challenges, I’ve personally found that it gets easier as you get older. I have more quality friendships and have learned to be more efficient when completing schoolwork, and I’ve developed stronger relationships and mutual trust with my mentors.

Freshman year, I was just trying to figure out life, who I was, and what I was capable of. Sophomore year was hard, but it was also the year I realized people remembered me, and I had friends! Junior year knocked me over and picked me up and knocked me over again. I learned how to work around my weaknesses and discovered how much music could me get through my hard days.

Senior year has been the best so far.  I stress less about the little things and spend more time on the important stuff. I’m fixing bad habits, learning to say no when I’ve reached my limit, am more focused on the present, and less distracted by the past and future. It feels great!

Sydney S. says, “The view from the end looking back is pretty freakin’ fantastic. Hang in there. You’ll see it.”

Finally, while this is more of a motivational reminder than a tip, High school isn’t the end of life.

Sometimes I forgot that there’s life after high school. The never-ending assignments and stress . . . At times it seemed like it would last forever. Yes, do your best, but if something happens, you mess up, fail an assignment, or even a class, life goes on.

Don’t sweat the little stuff, and don’t live in regrets. In the perspective of your whole life, high school is only about 5% of the years that you will be alive. That’s a tiny portion. You only do it once. Do your best, and enjoy high school while you’re in it!

Joel Leon says, “There’s more to life than just finishing high school.  Even if you flunk, your entire life still has the potential for outrageous success.”

Sydney Sampson says, ”You’ll all be ok. You’ve got great resources to succeed, and the fact that you are reading this means you are willing to try. Put in your best and it’ll all come together. Don’t sit at the bottom of the mountain stressing about how big of a climb it is. It looks smaller the closer you get to the top. Don’t stress. You’ll make it.