Just Look Around

Regan Abbott, Journalist


Many Sunday mornings my grandma and her siblings would wake up to the smell of fresh bread. They’d come out of their rooms and ask their mom, “Can we have some bread?”

“No,” she’d reply, “it’s for Mrs. Waters, she’s having a baby.” or “The Young’s have company coming over,” or “Mr. Edwards is having a rough day.”

My great-grandma used her talents to serve her community.

Another lady like my great-grandmother, Mrs. Miller, had just finished grocery shopping. She put her groceries away and got in her car. When she was backing out, a man in a wheelchair started to pass behind her. She stopped and waited for him to move. He would move a little, then rest, go a little more, and rest. Finally after he’d gotten out of her way, Mrs. Miller turned off her engine and got out. As she walked towards him, he apologetically said, “I’m sorry for taking so long.”

She told him it was fine and went on to ask if she could push him into the store. “No, no. I’m fine.” He told her. Well, she wasn’t just going to leave him there, so she started talking to him about his life. As they talked, she pushed him into the store. Once they were inside, she asked him if she could help him shop. Again, he denied the offer. Mrs. Miller asked to see his shopping list. On the list there were simply four items. After grabbing the items she asked, “What about the essentials? Milk, butter, bread?”

The man told her that he couldn’t afford it. His wife had died a few weeks before and he was struggling. Mrs. Miller bought his groceries and gave him the rest of the money she had. She called a taxi to come and take the man home. Then they parted ways. The service didn’t take long, but the woman blessed that man’s life.

My cousin bought a pen, an eraser, and a book at the book fair for his friend. He didn’t have to do this, but he chose to. What do each of these stories have in common? Is it love, thinking of others, or service? I think it is all three.

We need to learn charity, Jesus Christ was the ultimate example of charity.”

We need to learn charity. Jesus Christ was the ultimate example of charity. While he was walking into a city, a young man who had died was being carried out. His mother was there, and she was distraught. She was a widow and her child was all she had. Jesus saw this happening. He had compassion on them. He stopped them and said, “Young man, I say unto thee, Arise.” In the New Testament, Luke wrote that Jesus had compassion. Jesus went out of his way to help both the widow and her son so that they could have joy.

God gave each person on this earth talents. You may be good at dance, learning languages, understanding math, listening, or even smiling. How we use these talents or not is our choice. But by not using them we can unconsciously be showing God that we aren’t grateful for them. Even when it’s hard to use our talents for charity, it will ultimately help us be happy and bring joy to the people we serve. Charity is using what we are given to bless our people.