Senior Moments

Jason Beedle, Journalist

Becoming a senior and going through senior year in high school can sometimes feel like a hurricane swirling with research papers, projects, college applications, SATs, ACTs, SAT Subject tests, and assorted essays. Adding to this hurricane, no sleep and endless hours studying all come together to form the wonderful academic overload known as senior year.

Remember the last year of Middle School? Where growing up and becoming a high schooler was the pinnacle of achievement? That feels like eons ago! For seniors, the pallor of youthful excitement and giddy eagerness at what the future might hold have been replaced with resounding screams of, “AHHHH!!” These screams can represent a myriad of different stressful afflictions including a dying social life, tons of tests, overbooked semesters, applications essays, finding scholarships, and many other delightful activities such as these. One of the biggest, “AHHHHH!” moments is deciding upon a college. For us lucky American citizens, a college education can range from insanely costly to absurdly expensive. The cost for a doctorate level education at a relatively affordable private college ($40,000 a year) comes out to around $320,000. If a person were to get a college loan for this amount and pay it off in $10,000 a year increments, then it would take around 32 years to pay off the debt, not including inflation. And people wonder why seniors are stressed out!

There is also the, “AHHHH!” moment that comes from moving out of the house. While it is doubtful that your parents will kick you out of the house on your 18th birthday (I will find out in January if my parents do), it is still incredibly stressful to figure out life after high school. Going from a homeschooled, Williamsburg-style education to living on campus and physically going to classes is a daunting process.  But there is good news: millions of seniors before us have survived this process! It is not impossible to survive senior year, even though taking the SAT may feel like the advent of Armageddon.

So, the big question is, “will we survive senior year?” The answer, of course, is yes.   Even while school, college applications, and tests seem to be one massive black hole sucking all of our time and energy, just remember that we can do it! We can survive like millions of our ancestors, who have forded the perilous and treacherous waters of senior year. Senior year is only the tip of the iceberg, only the beginning of a great and wondrous destiny that each of us can weave for ourselves. Do not give up hope, for you are surrounded by the very people that can give you the tools to survive this year: friends, family, teachers, and mentors, they are all there for us. In reality, we are not traveling this frightening path of senior year by ourselves.  We are accompanied by legions of support that can pick us up when we are down and carry us past all of our academic perils.

Where our destinies lead us is solely based on our personal choices. However terrifying and tiring senior year can be, it can be survived. We can do it together! Let’s rock this year!