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Pet Peeves

Is there something that you just can't stand? Share in the comments below!

Amira Gilbert, Journalist

January 22, 2020

To be honest, I have a LOT of pet peeves. Maybe you have a lot like me or you only have a few, but you don't, under any circumstances have NONE. Nope, not buying it! Everyone has them unless you're some sort of alien (I am sure they have them too though.) So you see, no one can escape the...

Primary Immunodeficiency: The Concealed Condition

Primary Immunodeficiency is the absent function of the immune system.

Esther Kalisz, Journalist

January 15, 2020

Not all diseases are easily seen. Sometimes the happiest people are the ones who have been through the most and need the most help, either mentally or physically. People living with a hidden disease, such as Primary Immunodeficiency (also known as PI) are one example of this. In medical school, most...

Fake Friends

Fake Friends

Alexa George, Guest Writer

September 9, 2019

I’m tired of all these fake friends, Lying behind my back will it ever end, Seems like this world is always at contend, Wandering through actions in a pretend.

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