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Zina Card
Zina Card is a 17-year-old from Alaska. She joined Williamsburg four years ago and absolutely

loves it. This is her senior year and her second year working on The Burger Gazette. She has

enjoyed both public school and home school (off and on) throughout her entire educational

experience. On the outside, she may look normal, if not slightly shy, klutzy, and rather awkward,

but typically to those who know her best, she is crazy, but in the best way. She has been

swimming since the age of 5, and it is probably what she is most passionate about. Some of her

other favorite hobbies include: being freakishly obsessed with grades, being an avid chocoholic,

archery, parasailing, reading, and surprising people with her randomness.

Zina Card, Editor, Journalist

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Zina Card