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Life of a Gerbil

Ever wonder what the life of pets looks like from their perspective?
March 23, 2020

Not again! I groan as my eyes blink open and I find my sister’s foot shoved up in my face. I wiggle out from under her and close my eyes again and try to go back to sleep. But the day is against...

Pet Peeves

Is there something that you just can't stand? Share in the comments below!
January 22, 2020

To be honest, I have a LOT of pet peeves. Maybe you have a lot like me or you only have a few, but you don't, under any circumstances have NONE. Nope, not buying it! Everyone has them unless...

Virtual Powers

The llama, the Williamsburg
The Day My Dreams Were Fulfilled
January 22, 2020
Then I got on my computer and went to my virtual math class, five minutes early (like always). Math class started a few minutes late (like always), and I survived the minute of silence (like always, thank goodness).

Miss Smiley – Finals

December 17, 2019

Spoons & Stupid Cavemen

Spoons & Stupid Cavemen
October 2, 2019

We all know that the invention of spoons was a special day in the history of the universe, these very useful utensils can do all sorts of things like -  1. Scoop up soup, 2. Eat cold or hot things that...

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