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Anymore: A Review Of Madilyn Paige’s Latest Album

My favorite musical artist is Madilyn Paige! Here is a review of her latest album.
May 11, 2020
I’m not super into pop music, but I absolutely LOVE Madilyn Paige’s stuff, especially the album Anymore which she released in 2018.

The Journey Within, The Parables of the Frozen Movies: Part II

The Frozen movies are really about the journey within. What hints can we get from the first one to aid us on our way?
Symbolism of the First Frozen Movie (2013)
March 25, 2020
The Frozen movies are really about the journey within. The finding yourself, and loving/hating/fearing yourself. Coming to terms with yourself. And it's amazing how deep those movies go when you're really looking.

A Review of The Regrettes

Warner Music Group
February 11, 2019

I was introduced to The Regrettes earlier this week by a friend. At about 11 at night, I received a message that read “Yoooooo I think I found an extremely underrated band. They’re called 'The Regrettes'...

BTS: “Love Yourself”

Big Hit Entertainment
October 22, 2018

Korean pop is a foreign music genre that is quickly growing into a global phenomenon. It has been influenced by a variety of styles, ranging from Western pop to hip-hop, and electronic dance to Latin....

Song Review: NF’s “Mansion”

Song Review: NF’s “Mansion”
April 10, 2018

Lyricists are known for thinking deeply and coming up with great metaphors and this is also the main goal of rappers. There is perhaps no one as adept at this as rapper Nathan Feuerstein, A.K.A. NF. Today...

We’re Killing Our Music

We're Killing Our Music
January 30, 2018

A young man sits and listens to his favorite song. He starts tapping his toes, then he claps his hands. He starts banging his head to the music as he sings as loud as he can. He’s having a good time....

Album Review: (Imagine Dragons) Evolve

Album Review: (Imagine Dragons) Evolve
January 23, 2018

In what seems to be a new modern age of music, there are several new artists that have emerged, including Imagine Dragons. This Grammy-award-winning band includes four members: Dan Reynolds...

Twenty-One Pilots

Twenty-One Pilots
December 13, 2017

From the beginning of time music has been used to express emotion and to deal with tougher emotions. One band who has truly grasped the...

Williamsburg Legends

Williamsburg Legends
November 28, 2017

The men, the myths, the legends. Two Williamsburg Learning natives have created an iconic musical band named Soul Chicken. This is an excellent title to describe the amusement one experiences when introduced...

Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder
March 16, 2017

Oh Wonder is an alt-pop duo based out of London, England. The members, Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, began pursuing a somewhat unique musical career together in September of 2014. Starting...

Band Review: Gentri

February 28, 2017

The Meaning of an Album

Music Reflection Close-up Plastic Round Album
February 11, 2017

The appreciation and craftsmanship of albums as opposed to the production of specific songs alone is an art that has been nearly forgotten. The immediate availability of music in the digital age is not...

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