CoViD-19 Is Ruining My Life: How To Stay Calm In Tumultuous Times


cottonbro from Pexels

People everywhere are terrified of CoViD-19. You can stay calm by looking for #silverlinings.

Liliana Owen, Journalist

Okay, admit it. You’re a little freaked out about the Coronavirus, also known as CoViD-19. Yo, it’s killing people! And it’s extremely contagious! And in Utah, schools have been shut down, and meetings of more than one hundred people prohibited. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has closed down their Temples and canceled church meetings across the globe indefinitely. My local library has closed (dude, that’s a REALLY big deal for me).Oh, and one more little thing… all my peers are totally convinced that they are going to die soon. Freaky, right?

Okay, Let Me Give You the Facts

Just so you know, not everything you hear is true. Here are the facts that we do know:

• The virus spreads much like the flu (aka, via coughing, emphatic conversations, sneezing, etc).

• The typical time between when someone is first exposed to and first shows symptoms of the virus is about five days but can range from two to fourteen.

• Symptoms are much like the common flu.

• Most people aren’t dying from CoViD-19, they are dying from contracting pneumonia as a result of CoViD-19.

• There is not a vaccine (yet).

Ways you can protect yourself include washing your hands with hot soapy water for twenty seconds after sneezing, using the restroom, biting your nails, taking care of kitty litter, touching something hundreds of other people have touched such as money, or before you prepare or serve food; and maintaining distance from those who are sick.

• If you are sick with anything at all, don’t go into public. Stay at home till you get better!

• The first case was found in Wuhan, China.

• As of 9:25 Standard Mountain Time on March 14th 2020, there have been 366,857 confirmed cases and 16,098 deaths.

• According to my own calculations based on the numbers above, the mortality rate is 4.388085821%. But that is only counting confirmed cases. Thousands, millions, of people could have had CoViD-19 and never even know it because the symptoms are so similar to the flu and get over it perfectly fine.

• Smoking increases your risk of getting and dying from CoViD-19. This is because smoking weakens the lungs, which is where coronaviruses (such as the flu, MERS, SARS, etc) target.

• Asians ARE NOT more prone to getting CoViD-19. True, China has had more deaths so far, but that is just because the disease started there, so they have had more time to get it and then either get over it or not.

Okay, Yeah, That’s A Little Freaky

SCARY! Sorry… But it’s better than all of us dying. Oh, and another freaky thing? All the conspiracy theories surrounding CoViD-19… It was predicted in a novel; it’s a man-made bioweapon. I’m sure there are others out there as well… (please keep in mind that nothing has been proven; this is all speculation.)

So We’re All Going To Die?

No! We’re not all going to die! And there are some things you can do to help yourself stay safe. Avoid gatherings; don’t be near sick people, and get lots of vitamin D (found in sunshine, eggs, and various fish among other things). There are things you can do to prevent it. You need not be a hapless bystander in your own life!

There Are Upsides To CoViD19

There is a silver lining to every cloud… as my aunt reminded our family in a letter. Here are a few:

• Because so much has been canceled, people are probably catching up on sleep! I know I am!

• Less pollution, because people are staying home instead of driving everywhere.

• People are spending more time with their families.

• People are finding new hobbies.

• Pets get to see their people a lot more, now that people are stuck at home. 🙂

• People are catching up on their to-do lists! 

So, the key to staying calm in tumultuous times is looking for the #silverlining. Every cloud has one. Just know that it will have to end eventually… What is your #silverlining? Share in the comments below!