The Journey Within, The Parables of the Frozen Movies: Part III


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Liliana Owen, Journalist

Welcome to the third part of my series on the Frozen Movies! Today we will discuss the plot of Frozen II. If you haven’t watched it, I do recommend it, it’s amazing!

Note: This series has LOTS of spoilers. Continue at your own risk. The Burger Gazette is NOT responsible for ruining your life by writing something with lots of spoilers. I repeat, continue at your own risk.


The movie starts with Anna and Elsa, as young children, playing ‘enchanted forest’ before bed. It ends with a happily ever after, and, “They all get married!”

Their Father shares his story of an enchanted forest as a youth. Anna is astonished, and Elsa is concerned that the Spirits who protect the forest could awaken again. After their Father leaves, Elsa asks her Mother for her opinion. Mother says, “Only Ahtohallan knows,” and sings them a song about the river where “all is found.”

The Start Of The Journey

Three years after the coronation, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf are doing great.

However, Elsa starts hearing a call. It really bothers her, and no one else seems to be able to hear it. She hears it again while playing charades with Anna and Kristoff and Olaf. Disturbed, she goes to bed and Anna comes to talk to her. They fall asleep, but Elsa is awakened by that same call.

She starts pacing the castles, thinking about the call. This is where she sings “Into the Unknown.” She resolves to follow the call and then accidentally awakens the Spirits of the enchanted forest of her Father’s story.

The Spirits get everyone out of the kingdom as everyone evacuates to the cliffs. The trolls come, and Pabbie counsels with Elsa and Anna. In his vision is the dam that Arendell gave to the Northuldra as a peace offering many years ago. Elsa decides to go north to the enchanted forest to find that call.

The Journey To The Enchanted Forest

Elsa, joined by Anna, Kristoff Sven, and, Olaf journey to the enchanted forest. The enchanted forest is veiled in mist, which locks most people out and keeps those in. Elsa and her companions do manage to get in and meet the Northuldra and Arendellian soldiers.

Olaf explains what brought them here, and Elsa and Anna learn that their mother was Northuldra, and was the one who had saved their father in his traumatic experience in the enchanted forest as a youth.

In The Enchanted Forest

Elsa and Anna continue north with Olaf, leaving Sven and Kristoff behind. They find the ship their parents were drowned in and learn the truths of their deaths. Elsa decides she must cross the Dark Sea and uses her magic to push Anna and Olaf away, knowing that while she herself can survive it because of her magic, but that she cannot protect them as well.

Sacrifice and Realization

Anna and Olaf are very angry. They end up in a river and go down a hole and then in a cave with no way out. They are consoled with the knowledge that Elsa has to be doing better than them.

Meanwhile, Elsa manages to harness the Water Spirit and crosses the Dark Sea. She reaches Ahtohallan, realizes that the call was her mother, and learns that she is the fifth spirit-the bridge between humanity and the other four spirits. She dives into Ahtohallan, where she learns the truth about Arendelle and Northuldra. However, she dove too deep and is starting to freeze forever, the same way Anna did near the end of Frozen I. With her last bit of energy, she shoots an image of the truth to Anna and Olaf.

Anna and Olaf see the image and realize that the dam must be broken. Olaf begins flurrying away and realizes that Elsa isn’t okay. Olaf disappears and Anna is completely alone. Here she sings “The Next Right Thing,” a touching song about continuing on when all hope is lost.


Anna wakes the giant Earth Spirits and makes them angry. They chase her, and she leads them to the dam. The Earth Giants break the dam with their boulders, sending a huge tidal wave towards Arendelle.

Thankfully, the breaking of the dam saves Elsa (and dispels the mist around the enchanted forest). Elsa rides the Water Spirit to Arendelle and blocks the tidal wave, saving Arendelle from a watery oblivion.

Elsa rejoins Anna, Kristoff, and Sven and rebuilds Olaf after sharing with Anna that she is the fifth spirit. Kristoff successfully proposes to Anna, Anna accepts. Because Elsa chooses to stay and live in and protect the forest as one of the five spirits, Anna is crowned queen of Arendelle. Elsa does keep in touch however and joins them for charades.