A Lamentation of Stereotypes


brother's photo from Pexels

Words are powerful. They alone are enough to make someone feel important. What do your words do?

Liliana Owen, Journalist

You call me names

Think it’s as right as rain

Just cause it’s what has always been done


You label and categorize

Stereotype and organize

It’s just too much

Do you realize you are hurting us


It seems that in the midst of the names

You’ve forgotten who we are



Smart and dumb and everything in between

Nerd and geek and oddball

You call us names

Don’t try to get to know us at all

But deep down, you and I, we’re the same

Does that scare you


Labels mean nothing

Until we let them mean something

But it’s so hard to let them roll off

They hurt, even when they aren’t meant to


With words, you categorize

Line up and neatly package

Try to organize by age and IQ

But we’re humans


We’re all unique

No two of us the same

Please do not blame

The apes from which some claim

To be descended from

A God created each of us

We are handmade

And thus, one of a kind


Yeah, labels are just words

But they still hurt

Cause pain worth the world


Besides, words are relative

Always changing depending

On who you compare to whom


But enough with the names

And the categories

Please just remember who I am

And treat me as such