Obernewtyn (That’s Not Misspelled)


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Never heard of Obernewtyn? Go read it! According to this article, it is really good ;)

Amira Gilbert, Journalist

Ever since I was a tiny, little kid, I had this amazing book called Obernewtyn (that is not misspelled, it is ACTUALLY called that) though I was never “old enough” to read it, it was HUGE, believe me!

One, because it was my mother’s favorite book, like EVER, she would talk and talk about it to everyone and if they didn’t like it, or care about it she would kind of do that thing with her eyes like she was saying, “Hold up! You don’t like this book! What are you, some crazy woman!?” That wasn’t the end of it! Oh no! Every friend was required to read it and not only friends but also every single woman or even man that entered and left our house. My mum is amazing and usually really friendly but when this book comes into focus it is like someone has dropped a nuclear bomb of passion and obsessiveness! Don’t believe me? I dare you to come right over to the house (wherever it may be) and bring this book up, just wait and see what happens!

Second, because my brother was named after a character named Rushton. I am seriously not kidding! My mum, in a crazy hormonal rage that usually happens when pregnant, got this amazing idea that she should name my brother after this really tall, dark, and brooding guy in Obernewtyn. Well, my dad approved and my brother, now that he’s older, is totally crazy, blond, and hyper in an annoying eight-year-old way. You know that saying – when you name a child something, they grow into it? True and not true at the same time in this case. Rushton is NOTHING like Rushton in the book, but if you shorten it down into Rushy you have the definition of him exactly, he rushes around like a freaking maniac.

I am sure by now you are wondering why on earth I am drooling on and on about my random family and not getting to the point which is to tell us if the book is worth reading or not! Well, patience is a virtue!

This amazing book is Dystopian, which is a genre of fictional writing used to explore social and political structures in “a dark, nightmare world.” The term dystopia is defined as a society characterized by poverty, squalor or oppression and the theme is most commonly used in science fiction and speculative fiction genres. Obernewtyn also fits into science fiction, Alternate History, Fantasy Fiction genres.

Now, if you have read my other review on the movie Avatar, you will know that I HATE to spoil things because it is just sad, depressing and overall quite messy, but it probably isn’t THAT bad if I just spoil the beginning as anyone who reads it will know it in five minutes. So here goes!

Wait! Before I begin, I am going to spout off random facts that some of you might find interesting though I doubt it, this is just a safety precaution so that you will ACTUALLY read all of this post instead of reading the plot and then skimming over the rest or quitting altogether!

1)    The author of this book is Australian!!! AHHH, I am not kidding, I can just feel the percentage of people wanting to read this get higher from that last sentence! HA! But yes, the author, Isobelle Carmody, is Australian. Did you know she actually had the idea for this book when she was fourteen!?

2)    This next piece of wisdom and knowledge I am about to bestow upon you is actually known to NO ONE else and I am not kidding, I got this from the author herself at a ComicCon. If you don’t know what that is then you are officially NOT a nerd! Because ALL nerds know this place, and I guess I HAVE to explain what it is since my boss told me I have to stop giving “smart talk” to my readers, but it doesn’t mean I have to make the process any more comfortable for you! ComicCon is a MASSIVE event where people dress up in costumes and geek out over their favorite fandoms. You can also meet authors and actors there as they sometimes give talks about their work or areas of expertise. That was where I met the author of Obernewtyn. (You should have seen my mum! She was totally geeking out! You should have seen how Isabelle reacted when she knew mum had named her child after her book!)

3)    Ok, so here is the fun fact, the author told us how she got the name for Rushton. She was on the road in real life and her car broke down and this random guy rode up on a horse and fixed her car, he was all dark and handsome and his name was Rushton and then he rode away and she never saw or heard of him again and that is how she got the name. Now you know something the internet doesn’t even know! I hope this is a very proud moment for you!

Okay, now the moment you have all been waiting for! The PLOT, well it starts off with a prologue and explains what has happened before the book starts. We all know about nuclear bombs, right? Well, this book tells of a giant explosion that rips the earth in two and showers the rest in white ash referred to by the survivors as the Great White. Then the book continues to where the real story happens, but I will stop here and let you discover the brilliance of this book on your own! If you are lucky, I will write about book two! There are seven books in the series. So, I have a lot of work cut out for me. Go, read the book and then come tell me about your favorite part!