Avatar: The Greatest Movie


Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

Avatar... the greatest movie. Do you agree? Let us know!

Amira Gilbert, Journalist

A long, long time ago, (to be precise, eleven years ago, December 18, 2009.) an amazing, heart wrenching, beautiful, mind-blowing, technology-defying movie was released. It was, dun dun dun, AVATAR!!! It became the highest-grossing film of all time, and remained that way until annoying Marvel came along with Avengers: Endgame and stole the title, but of course, Avatar deserves it so much more since it was a single movie that came out of nowhere and Endgame was the ending of a series of movies so yeah, beat that!

In my opinion, this movie is basically the greatest thing ever created, sculpted by the hands of JAMES CAMERON, who also directed the famous Titanic, Terminator, Aliens, Alita Battle Angel, and plenty of other fabulous movies. To get to the point, James Cameron is the best director ever, and anyone that disagrees will have to go through me, and I hope you have all read my article about anger and how it controls people! Oh, wait, ha ha ha, I haven’t written that yet, I guess you will just have to imagine what I will do to you, mwahaha, see you in your nightmares! (oh and by the way that sentence was TOTALLY not a threat, and that was TOTALLY not sarcastic.)

Another fact that you might find interesting is that the two main actors, and a few of the minor ones, were completely new to the art of acting or at least had not been in any major film as the star. I guess I HAVE to tell you who the actors are because half the people reading this article haven’t seen it yet, ah, so frustrating, sometimes this job of mine gets quite annoying. Well anyway, I am sure most of you will recognize who the actors are after I have told you since most of the giant famous films they were in were after their brilliant work in Avatar. If you don’t know the actors and actresses at all, get your butts into a couch and watch this freaking amazing movie!

Do you know what I love about this job as a writer? I can do whatever I want in writing unless I am FORCED TO and so I can just go on and on about how silly you are because you haven’t seen the movie and not even tell you what their names are! I could keep the suspense going and going and maybe even tell you about a delicious ice cream sandwich I had earlier today, (it was quite delicious actually) and then I could frustrate you so much that you have to go to your dad and whine and say, “She won’t tell me who it is, so can I go on a computer and search it up!!” and he will say, “No way, José have some patience, this was not how I raised you.”

Okay okay okay okay, FINE I will tell you! Zoe Saldana from Guardians of the Galaxy as Neytiri, Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, and many other well-known actors who have become stars in their own right after appearing in this cinematic masterpiece.

Anyway, um… I mean, getting to the point I am sure a lot of you are now wondering, “Well now that you have dulled us to sleep with all your prattling about filmmaking and stuff can you tell us the plot or at least something interesting?” and I in return am going to say, “Ssshhhh, I am getting to it already! If you keep asking I am going to keep talking about food and that’s not what you want is it …okay, thank you!” *huffing in annoyance*

Well, if you really want to know the plot is this, get ready for it…..

Once upon a time, there was a guy who flew on a spaceship to a planet and met some aliens and then did some other stuff. Done, happy? Well, fine! If you thought that was boring then you should go and see the movie yourself instead of looking at a boring review written by a boring person! I am not saying another word about it because then I would spoil the whole movie and you would hate me for life. All that nonsense about “oh but I heard that when a movie is spoiled you like it better!” Nope! If you don’t believe me about its awesomeness then go look at the reviews, for goodness sake! There are, no kidding guys, actual people who like the movie so much that they join fan groups and even try to learn the language. What? It’s fun!

Go watch this amazing movie and then let me know what you thought in the comments below!