Killing November: Book Review


Aryka Stump

Book Review on the chilling novel, Killing November by Adriana Mathers

Aryka Stump, Journalist

Killing November is a YA novel by Adriana Mathers. When a family emergency falls upon her family, 17 year old, November, is sent to a private Boarding School full of elite strategists training to be assassins and spies. The Academy Absconditi has no electricity, no internet, and an eye-for-eye punishment system. November finds herself in quite the situation when she discovers the students of this school are out to get her killed.

Killing November is so well written and has a new twist every chapter. It is super captivating and full of mystery. Every page leaves you with a new question. The characters are complex and well-imagined. The author out-did herself with all the background and detail put into this forty-two chapter book.

Follow November as she discovers her family’s biggest secrets and learns to survive in this new and archaic world. If you love a good conspiracy, this book is definitely one you should read. This book does use some fairly vulgar language and there are a few moments where the imagery is a little gory. It is for an older audience but is all right for teens 14 and older.