Ruina Eius Terrae


The New York Public Library on Unsplash

"Ruina Eius Terrae" Translation: "Fall of the Earth." Can we help the earth?

Stephanie Campbell, Editor-In-Chief

The earth is gone, they say… there is nothing left. The scientists said this would happen. We kept things the same, we refused to change. In history class, we learn about animals and glaciers. We wear masks that teach us to breathe CO2. Dinosaurs never existed; there is no proof. Beaches are prohibited. We are not allowed to swim. Rain kills. Plants are always on fire. Headlines read, “What’s extinct today!” A poet, Nakita Gill, gave us hope and something that we could relate to but the controversy in the news proved true. 

They said, “plant a tree on earth day and give back,” but none of us gave back. We shared protesting hashtags and re-posted frightening articles foretelling the future of our world. But did we actually do anything? Did big factories and businesses do anything? No. We thought we were helping the earth, but the Amazon burned down because of us. Increasing income is more important than health. Our cars and cows burst holes through our atmosphere. We dug and collected until there was nothing left. We dismissed the fact that summer was frigid and winter was warm. No one cared.


It’s September 28th, 2240. The air is thin and stings as you breath it in. For five minutes you decide to take your mask off. “That thing is just so annoying to wear!” you think to yourself, but you have to wear it if you want to go out.  You hop in your car you filled up with unleaded gas on Tuesday; you’re too broke to afford the fancy kind. As you navigate to the nearest Walmart, you notice purple and brown clouds beginning to accumulate about twenty miles north. Anxiety shutters through you. “No.” You shake your head, “I know how to deal with this.” You take a deep breath but it hurts like hell. “Ahhh, my mask!” You fumble to strap it back onto your face. The light turns yellow, you slow down and stop. The clouds have moved closer, the temperature rises. This is nothing new.


Deforestation, mining, drilling, harvesting, coral reefs, CO2 emissions, ice melting, rise in temperature, extinction, hole in the atmosphere, acid rain, deathly fungi, disease, poison, plastic, oil, fire, science. We shouldn’t have ignored reality. But we did. No one saved anything.


“Remember the earth?”

“What is Earth?”