Unsolved Mysteries


Photo by Martin Lopez from Pexels

Jozlyn Larsen, Journalist

Every time we hear “unsolved,” we tend to think of stuff like math or puzzles. Then there’s the word “mysteries.” When our human mind hears this word, the thoughts are endless. So today I’ll be telling you some of the strange things that have happened on our planet!

There have been a lot of killers who have sadly killed, for their own gain!

Mystery #1.

In 2014, on April 1st, something odd happened to Chris Kremers and Liz Anne. They left their home to take the host family’s dog for a walk through the forest around the Borough Volcano in Boquete Panama. That night, the host family noticed something wrong – their dog came home safe and sound and alone, the two girls weren’t with him! The family started to look for these two girls in the surrounding forest until days became weeks. Chris and Liz’s parents arrived from Panama five days later and the police searched for ten weeks before they found anything. When the police started to give up, a woman turned in a blue backpack, claiming she found it near the rice banks. Inside the backpack were two pairs of sunglasses, 83 dollars, a water bottle, the friend’s passport, and two bras. They also found a camera and both girls’ cell phones! When police looked through the phones, they found that there were 77 attempted calls to the police between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m. on April 8th, but because of the area, there was no cell signal and the calls were useless. The pictures they found on the phones showed their belongings spread out on rocks, plastic bags, candy wrappers, and oddly mounds of dirt, a broken mirror, and the worst part, they found the back of Kremer’s head with blood leaking from the temple. Two months later, they found bones. DNA testing proved that they belonged to Chris and Liz. Later, they said that the girls had died in a hiking accident. I know that this is about Unsolved Mysteries, but the way these girls disappeared seems strange to me, and I think that there is more to the story.

Mystery #2

Nina Craig Miles was born to Mira and John Miles on August 5, 1864. As Nina grew, she learned to control a horse-driven carriage. She and her Grandfather were on an outing in a buggy, on St. Luke’s Day in 1871 when they were hit on full impact, from a train. Nina was killed instantly. Her parents were devastated and her father changed his will. He wrote that he wanted to dedicate a church to his daughter and that when he died he wanted to be buried in the same church. After John Henderson Miles died, he was buried according to his wishes, in the church where his daughter’s ashes were interred. Later, people started to see something strange in the church. What looked like blood stains started to appear on the walls and roofs of the building, and people also claimed to have seen the deceased girl, Nina, roaming around the church! Nobody knows what happened and it still is a mystery today.

Mystery #3

When they were filming the blockbuster movie, Titanic, something strange happened on set. Director James Cameron started to feel sick. He noticed that about 60 other members of the crew seemed to be experiencing the same symptoms. Oddly, everyone who was feeling ill was also acting erratically! One of the other actors ran up to Cameron and stabbed him in the face with a pen, but instead of screaming or crying, Cameron laughed. Everyone who was sick was either laughing, crying, or very aggressive. When authorities investigated, they had ruled out food poisoning. They eventually discovered that everyone that was sick had consumed chowder that had been laced up with PCP (Phencyclidine is a dissociative anesthetic that is a commonly used recreational drug.) The local police department was unable to discover who laced the chowder, even after investigating the matter for 2 ½ years! While there were many theories, none were ever proven, so it’s still a mystery today!